From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remember that time we asked where in the world Josh Mandel was? Well, we can add another destination to the list –  according to the Plain Dealer last Friday Mandel flew to the Bahamas for a fundraiser and to address the pay day lending industry.

That’s the same pay day lending industry that not that long ago was attacked for charging interest rates as high as 391 percent that cause their clients to fall into a cycle of never ending debt.

Payday lenders typically provide loans for people who need cash before their paychecks arrive and cannot get or […]

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Back in November, Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally proposed changing of his agency after hearing a radio program that didn’t clearly differentiate between the Ohio EPA and the US EPA. He asked his employees for suggestions.

As we discussed back then, changing the name of the Ohio EPA faces some serious hurdles. For example, the name of the agency is written into state law and would require an act of the legislature to implement. More importantly, the cost associated with changing the name would be substantial.

A month after asking for suggestions, the agency released a list of new […]

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