It really is no secret now that the ethically challenged kid candidate Josh Mandel is using the Office of the Treasurer of Ohio as a stepping stone to higher office.  He basically started running for Senate as soon as he was sworn in as Treasurer.  No secret there.  Not a surprise.

Mandel LetterWhat is a surprise and a blatant disregard for the office is his use of the title of Treasurer of Ohio to raise money to run for Senate.  We received a photo of a mailer sent out by – well, it’s a bit hard to tell.  The return address says “Josh Mandel Treasurer of Ohio” so it appears it is sent from the Treasurers office.  The PO Box, however is the address for Citizens for Josh Mandel.

This is clearly misleading but probably isn’t a violation of election law.  Candidates who hold office are allowed to use that title so long as they hold the office.  This typically helps incumbents seeking re-election.  An example is my Congressman Pat Tiberi using “Pat Tiberi – Our Congressman” in his literature and signs.  It gives the feel of the other person running as “not one of us”.

For a guy who can’t be bothered to even show up to do his job, this is further proof that the only thing Josh is doing as Treasurer is running for the U.S. Senate.  He doesn’t respect the office enough to actually do the job, but he’ll trade on it to get himself into a higher office.

What Josh Mandel is trying to do here is obfuscate and trade on the Office of Treasurer to get a promotion.  The messaging is clearly muddled.  The envelope says “Private” while the return address looks like an official letter from the State Treasurer.  The fundraising portion of the mailer is clearly from the campaign committee while the letterhead looks like official correspondence from the Treasurer’s Office – despite the (R) thrown in there to make sure you know the current Treasurer (Josh) is a Republican.

I’d also note that the letter contains odd messaging itself.  Josh asks that you “pledge your support to my insurgent conservative campaign”.  I think it’s a particularly poor choice of words for an Iraq war veteran – who has relied heavily on this experience in campaigns – to use the term insurgent.  How disrespectful is it that his brothers and sisters in arms are currently putting their lives at risk battling real insurgents and Josh is using such language as a political tool?










    Using “insurgent” like we use the term to describe the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan could come back to haunt him.

    And this clown expects to be a senator?

  • spuggylips

    I had gotten a different  mailing from them where he used the term insurgent, I found it very odd and a poor choice also. The other mailing had at least two pictures of him in uniform. I believe it may be against the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ) to campaign in uniform, although those rules probably don’t apply to people who are not on active duty…I don’t know. 

  • Demydo

    Josh Mandel is just like the rest of his R buddies.  They, to me, are akin to something a dog drops in a yard or sidewalk, picked up by owner of dog with disposable bag and thrown in the trash.  The owners of voting for this bunch of trash should not throw away their vote again by voting for them.  They are disposable by not voting for them.  They are all on the dole and they have the nerve to put disgrace on people who qualify for “the dole”.  Rs barely qualify for dogcatcher.  In fact, can you imagine how they would treat our captured animals?  They don’t care about people’s needs except their own wants and needs.

  • Oldsmaven

    This “clown” spent two tours of duty in a war zone defending your freedom.  Grow up and show some respect. 

  • Respect for what? Someone who has not done the job you and I pay him for?

  • Iraq never threatened our freedom.  It’s a quaint little ideas this freedom fighter thing, but it isn’t rooted in reality.  Recent wars we’ve fought have pretty much zero to do with “protecting our freedom”.  You could argue interests, but not our freedom.

    Should we respect his service?  Of course.  However, it’s hard to take those on the right asking us to do so seriously after what they did when John Kerry ran for President. 

    Others see Mandel’s two years in Iraq as a cynical attempt to pad a political resume.  Hard to argue with that.  Someone truly called to service in the military would probably still be there and not be abandoning one political office to run for the next.

  • CDR_Janny

    Sorry, but Mandel gave up his right to my respect for his military service when he used his military uniform in his political campaigning, which violated Navy Regulations, by the way.  //s// US Navy Commander (Retired)

  • CDR_Janny

    If he still had an inactive reserve obligation when using those pictures as part of his political campaign, he was most certainly still subject to the UCMJ, as well as to Navy Regulations (which is what he violated).

    Bottom line:  what he did was wrong, but as we have learned, IOKIYAR.


    Being a veteran myself, I respect his service, but that’s where it ends. 

    He’s a clown that rode the peculiar wave of Republican victories in 2010 and has proven since that he’s nothing more than an opportunist using his military creds to garner votes.

  • LBN

    As a veteran of 36 years, don,t use your service connection tfor political gain, lots and lots of servicemen served and can,t even get a job. I know people can see through his intentions.

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