The Enquirer reported yesterday that pending defense cuts could have a huge impact on Ohio’s National Guard bases, potentially costing the loss of up to 1,000 jobs in Ohio. As a result, nearly every Governor signed a letter urging Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to reconsider the cuts. Kasich did not.

According to the Enquirer, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said:

“the draft letter opposing the Guard cuts was sent to Kasich’s chief of staff … But “it got buried in her stuff,” Nichols said.”

Ah yes. The old “it got buried in her stuff” excuse.

Thing is, it’s probably true.

As you may remember, Kasich’s Chief of Staff Beth Hansen left the Governor’s office for nearly three months late last year to work for Building a Better Ohio – the pro-SB5 campaign.

It’s very likely a lot of “stuff” piled up on her desk during that time. And a lot of other desks as well.

As the Dispatch reported: “Hansen has already been involved with BBO’s decision-making process, as have Kasich administration officials Jai Chabria and Scott Milburn. Hansen is stepping away from her government duties to work full time for BBO. Other Kasich administration staffers who have taken leaves to join the SB5 defense effort include Connie Wehrkamp and Dave Luketic.”

Since the defeat of SB5, Kasich’s staff has also been focused on another fight: ousting Kevin DeWine as chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

Kasich has been recording robocalls. His staff has been attending central committee meetings during working hours.

Lots and lots of politics going on in the Governor’s office. And probably not a lot of time to go through those ever-growing piles of “stuff” around the office.

So we thought we’d ask our readers: What other important stuff is buried around the Governor’s office?

Here’s a quick list of things we think we’d find:

  • Receipts showing true cost of security at Kasich’s home

  • The prepared text of Kasich’s State of the State speech

  • Complete list of staff working in the Governor’s office (they refused to give it to Joe Vardon)

  • List of things Mary Taylor’s CSI initiative has accomplished this year

  • Kasich’s secret plan to eliminate Ohio’s income tax

So what else do you think we’d find? Post your suggestions in the comments or on Facebook.