You have to hand it to Republicans for being consistent. Even in the face of cold hard facts that prove their claims to be 100 percent wrong they will continue to believe them no matter what. Take for example the auto bailout. The Obama administration’s bailout of the auto industry has worked. Period. Unless you are Josh Mandel, in which case up is down and you think it hasn’t work.

The New York Times reported just last month that there are 1.45 million people currently employed in the auto industry  that received the $80 billion bailout, according to the non-partisan Center for Automotive Research. Not only are millions of people employed today because of the bailout but GM isn’t doing too badly either. In January GM reported that they are once again the world’s largest car producer by selling just over 9 million cars and trucks around the globe last year.

Oh, and what does this mean for Ohioans? Only 800,000 people currently working in positions connected to the auto industry who would not be employed if the federal government had not stepped in to save Detroit. So, yea, I feel confident in saying the auto bailout has worked.

And then there is Josh Mandel. When asked last week by the Youngstown Vindicator if the auto bailout had worked not only did he claim that it did not but that he is currently developing a ‘rescue plan’ for Detroit.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, said he is developing a plan to “rescue the auto industry.”… “I’m not saying the bailout didn’t work,” Mandel said.

But Mandel said he “respectfully disagreed” that it saved the American auto industry.

That’s right; Mandel is developing a secret rescue plan for the auto industry almost four years after it was rescued. Which is strange because it would seem the auto industry does not need to be rescued anymore.  The only thing the industry needs to be ‘rescued’ from now is the paper cuts it is going to get from counting all of its money.

While the fact that Mandel opposes the auto bailout that rescued 800,000 jobs for Ohioans is terrible news for the middle class in Ohio it is good news for two other people: Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Both of them can feel confident in knowing that whichever one ends up as the Republican nominee they won’t be the only candidate on the ballot in Ohio who would have let the auto industry die.  It is always a good idea to be on the record for wanting to have seen a major employer like the auto industry in Detroit die that currently employees almost 1.5 million individuals. Good luck spinning that one guys.

Of course, this is not just about the bailout. This is about Josh Mandel once again showing that he is totally out of touch with reality. Mandel is now on the record for supporting the demise of the auto industry. This is an industry that supports hundreds of thousands of middle class families in Ohio and who have been a driving force in turning Ohio’s economy around.  For Mandel to claim that the auto bailout didn’t work is at least disingenuous and at most a bold face lie.