A series of recent polls show Betty Sutton running strong against Jim Renacci despite the fact that the congressional seat they are fighting for (Ohio 16) was recently gerrymandered (with the help of John Boehner) to lean Republican and include some of the GOP’s biggest financial backers.

Feeling the heat, it seems Republican Renacci has decided to straight up steal parts of Sutton’s message in a sad attempt to turn the tide.

In late January Betty Sutton was interviewed responding to the President’s State of the Union address. She gave what one blogger called the “Best Sound Bite of the Night”:

“Nobody wants a government on their back, but they do want a government on their side.”

Congresswoman Sutton repeated the phrase many times afterward, including a visit to the N. Olmstead Democratic Club in early February: “Ms. Sutton said that voters are not asking for anything special from their elected officials. They just do not want government on their back, but they do want government on their side.”

By Mid-February, Renacci decided he’d just steal it.

In an Op-ed, published in the Wooster Daily Record, Congressman Renacci wrote, “I believe we need a smaller, more efficient, more effective federal government — a government that is on your side, not on your back.”

A week later Renacci told supporters at an event with Newt Gingrich’s daughter, ” We need a smaller more efficient federal government, a government that..is on your side, not on your back.”

Campaign are about messaging. But they are also about ideas. In this case, Renacci has failed on both.

  • What other bad things has Renacci done?

  • EstherH

    I think I mind less having the government on my back than in my lady parts… For a small government type, Mr. Renacci sure seems to find the invasion of government into our personal lives as something not only acceptable– but, something he is in favor of…

  • fairminded

     Go to his website, access his voting record, and you will see he voted right along with the new freshman,extremist, Tea Party legislators.
    Enough said.

  • spuggylips

    I can’t wait for the new federal agency Santorum will create, to see if you pull out during the physical act of lovemaking. 

    Since he is against sex for other than procreation, and will ban the use  and sale of contraceptives- he will have to appoint a new fed agency to monitor sexual activities in the home.

  • CDR_Janny

    And not only that, but to ensure that men only deposit their sperm into the vaginas of ovulating women.

    I guess that means that post-menopausal GOP women and their masterful husbands will be SOL, as will GOP women and their masterful husbands  during the 25 or so days each month that they are not ovulating.

    And I wish that someone would tell Pope Ricky Rightardo that official Catholic Church doctrine is that sexual intercourse has two purposes:  unitive and procreative. (I read the encyclical published in 1987).

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