From the daily archives: Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Twitter friend was raging yesterday about what a giant waste of taxpayer money it was to hold a committee hearing on defunding Planned Parenthood when there is still hunger and unemployment in the world. I’m a bit more of a realist, allowing for the party in power to have their little dog and pony shows for the sake of the supporters who put them there, as ridiculous as we think they may be.

But just out of curiosity, I looked up how much money Ohio taxpayers actually spend on our “part-time” Legislature and the numbers are […]

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Over the past few days Ohio’s fracking advocates (frack-vocates?) have been promoting a ‘study‘ claiming 65,000 jobs will be created or supported by expanded oil and gas development.

The study was produced by the Ohio Shale Coalition “a partnership of energy interests spearheaded by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce”. It’s unclear which ‘energy interests’ helped fund the study, but I think it’s fair to assume it involved Oil and Gas industry groups and possibly Oil and Gas companies.

It’s no secret that the Chamber and the energy industry are close allies. Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon, for example, […]

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The Columbus Dispatch continued its long tradition as the Official Public Relations Firm for the Highway Patrol.  Sunday, the Dispatch printed a puff piece about the efforts of the Highway Patrol to look for drug traffickers traveling Ohio’s Highways.  Generally, this is good news.  Drugs are being taken off the streets, and the Patrol’s approach seems better thought out than Kasich’s “Severe Warning Signs” plan.

So, what could go wrong?  Two things.

First, the article in the Dispatch never states how drivers are targeted selected for investigatory stops.

Here is what is going on.  As everyone who has […]

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