In the ongoing battle between party chairman Kevin DeWine and Governor Kasich, it’s becoming increasingly clear which team is the more sensitive of the two.

On Thursday I wrote about Mike DeWine’s defection from Mitt Romney supporter to Rick Santorum groupie. I proposed a couple of reasons why DeWine, often criticized by fellow Republicans for being too moderate on social issues, might switch his support to the most radical social conservative in the race.

But it turns out the decision may have had more to do with hurt feelings than with politics. According to the New York Times Mitt Romney not only never contacted DeWine after his endorsement, but the Romney camp wouldn’t meet with him even when the former governor was in Ohio campaigning. “Look,” said DeWine. “I’ve never gotten a call from the governor since I endorsed him; I never got a call from the governor, ever.”

Speaking of hurt feelings, we’re being told Jon Husted also had his feelings hurt this weekend. And Santorum was likely involved in this event as well.

According to a friend of the blog, Husted was a no-show at last night’s Summit County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner. Rumor has it Husted was supposed to provide the Keynote but he was bumped for Rick Santorum.

Husted is a DeWine loyalist. Summit County Party Chairman Alex Arshinkoff is a big supporter of Team Kasich, and well known for his battles with other Republicans. So this rumor seems quite plausible.

It’s unclear whether Husted was sitting at home drinking a scotch and sulking or out celebrating the big F-U he succeeded in bestowing on Arshinkoff by skipping the event last minute (Husted’s name was still printed in the program). Either way, Chairman Alex didn’t seem to be crying about it. According to Abe Zaidan at Grumpy Abe, Arshinkoff was the lucky one to get a seat next to Santorum at the event.