Rootscamp is coming up next weekend (Saturday, February 25th to be precise).  If you are signed up we’ll see you there!  If you’re not and you haven’t been to one you need to get one of the dwindling 58 tickets left as of this posting.  200 were made available.

Rootscamp Ohio is a barcamp, or un-conference that is focused on progressive political activism in Ohio.  The participants make up the agenda on the spot and they also lead the sessions that will span out across the day.  It’s grassroots, baby!

You can see the attendee list and who you’ll miss hanging out with and talking to at the registration link.  We’ll be there and I’m planning a session taking a behind the scenes look at PB.  We also may do a session on public information requests.  I’ll be there along with Joseph and Greg and hopefully some other Plundermonkies!

To top it all off, Plunderbund will be sponsoring another after hours event as soon as the camp is over at Smokey Bones in the Polaris area.  We’ll have some bar food and everyone’s first drink is on us!  We’ll be selling tees and stickers and will give some away as well.  It should be a very productive day and fun evening.  Hope to see you there!