In September 2010, then-candidate John Kasich promised to “Get the lobbyists and the special interests snouts out of the trough” if he were elected Governor. Ohioans did – by a very small margin – elect Governor Kasich but he’s done a pretty poor job of sticking to his word. Of all the promises Kasich made during the campaign, this is the one that seems to be broken the most often.

Today we found out that another lobbyist with deep Republican roots is getting a high-paying job with the state. This time it’s the Turnpike, where Kasich is busy stacking the organization with friendly Republicans willing to help the Governor carry out his plans to sell off or privatize this important state asset.

The Plain Dealer’s Tom Breckenridge reports that “Adam Greenslade, a lobbyist and Republican activist from Sandusky County, will start as the turnpike’s government-affairs director on Feb. 27.”

According to a cached version of his bio from North Coast Strategy Group’s now defunct website, Greenslade spent many years working for the Ohio Republican party, including field coordinator, field director and even a stint as special assistant to the chairman. He spent 4 years working in the office of State Senator Larry Mumber. Most recently he was actually a commissioner with the Ohio Turnpike before he resigned to pursue his latest, and much better paying, job.

He’s a member of the Republican State Central and Executive Committee of Ohio as well as Chairman of the Sandusky County Republican Party – where he maintains their Facebook page.

Greenslade was also part of Kasich’s 2008 “Recharge Ohio” organization (Tammy Chabria, Treasurer) that is often seen as his jump back into politics and the pre-kickoff of his gubernatorial campaign.

And if there’s any doubt WHY he was hired, the Kasich-approved head of the Turnpike spelled it out plain and simple for the Plain Dealer readers:

Turnpike Executive Director Richard Hodges, a former Republican state lawmaker, said that while both men’s credentials landed them the jobs, he acknowledged he cast his net primarily in GOP circles.
“It doesn’t hurt to be a Republican,” he said.

It doesn’t hurt to be a Republican. Or a lobbyist. And if you’re both – well hell, you’re at the top of the list these days for any job in State Government you might have your eye on.