They’re baaack!  As we finish up the GOP nomination circus and begin to head into general election talk, we’ll begin to focus more on the re-election of Barack Obama here on PB.  One thing we know for sure about this period of the election is that the familiar smears will be back in force against President Obama.  Many of you will remember the run up to the historic election in 2008 and the many ugly email chains that were a big part of the desperate attempt to prevent Barack Obama from becoming President.

The campaign launched a valiant effort and fought this type of thing the only way you can – head on.  The campaign was called Fight the Smears, and we spent a great bit of time fighting them here on Plunderbund as well.

Like many of us who fought those battles, the campaign realizes they’ll be back.  This time they are countering with truth.  A truth team, actually.  From a recent OFA Ohio press release:  “…the Truth Team will engage grassroots supporters to spread the truth about the President’s record and respond to Republican attacks.”

You can become part of it at

The campaign will be holding a press conference at ODP headquarters at 11am today to launch the Ohio Truth Team.  Some of the core members of Ohio’s Truth Team will be on hand.  The full list of members and full text of the campaign PR is included below:



For Immediate Release                                                            CONTACT: Jessica Kershaw

February 13, 2012                                                                    614-312-4154


Promote the President’s Achievements and Hold Republicans Accountable

Columbus, OH – Today, Obama for America Ohio will hold a press conference to launch the Truth Team, a new national effort by President Obama supporters online and on the ground to promote the President’s achievements, respond to attacks on his record and hold the eventual Republican nominee accountable.

More than a million people took action as part of the Fight the Smears initiative during the 2008 campaign; the goal of the Truth Team is to double that number, reaching two million grassroots supporters who will communicate the President’s record and fight back against attacks before the Democratic National Convention this fall.

Beginning today with events across the country and continuing through the election, the Truth Team will engage grassroots supporters to spread the truth about the President’s record and respond to Republican attacks.  The program will be housed at – serving as a quick, comprehensive resource to help set the record straight.  Designed to put responsibility for spreading the truth in the hands of the President’s supporters, the website contains videos and information on the President’s record, and fact checks on Republican claims about the President and themselves. The goal is to ensure that when Republicans attack President Obama’s record, grassroots supporters can take ownership of the campaign and share the facts with the undecided voters in their lives.

WHO:             A Set of Obama for America-Ohio Truth Team Core Members

WHAT:           Press Conference to launch the Ohio Truth Team, a new effort to promote the President’s record and hold Republicans Accountable

WHERE:        Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters

WHEN:          TODAY, Monday, February 13, 2012 at 11:00 A.M.

Obama for America-Ohio Truth Team Core Members:

**Please Note: This list will continually expand as we move through 2012**

·         Tim Ryan, Member of Congress Representing Ohio’s 17th Congressional District
·         John Boccieri, Former Member of Congress
·         Zack Space, Former Member of Congress
·         State Senator Eric Kearney, Ohio Senate Minority Leader
·         Nan Whaley, Dayton City Commissioner
·         John O’Grady, Franklin County Commissioner
·         Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Franklin County Clerk of Courts
·         Wade Kapszukiewicz, Lucas County Treasurer
·         Joel Arredando, Lorain City Council President
·         Zach Klein, Columbus City Council Member
·         Dave Betras, Mahoning County Democratic Party Chair
·         Dottie Fay, Ross County Democratic Party Chair
·         Molly Varner, Washington County Democratic County Party Chair
·         Ed Good, Belmont County Democratic Party Chair
·         Tim Burke, Hamilton County Democratic Party Chair
·         Mark Caddo, Afghanistan/Iraq War Navy Veteran
·         John Paradore, State CAP Officer for the UAW Lima Troy CAP at UAW
·         Ray Wood, President, UAW Local 14 (Toledo)
·         Dave Green, President, UAW Local 1714 (Youngstown)
·         Sharen Neuhardt, Democratic Candidate for Congress – 10th District

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