John Kasich’s second State of the State speech lasted some 90 minutes and meandered among many topics. We thought we would save our readers some time and just give you the best parts. The upside? You save 84 minutes! The downside? The hilarity is over in 6. :-(

We give you Shit John Kasich Says: State of the State Edition!

  • Anonymous

    6 minutes is still to long.

    No Kasich vibrating? That was the best/most disturbing part.

  • Eric

    We already covered that. ūüėČ

  • Eric

    ¬†New version included in the post.¬† ūüėČ

  • Shawn Kelly

    Good stuff Eric !!

  • Semi Fake News

    Hilarious.  Twitter repped you

  • Lacklandgd

    I couldn’t decide if I wanted to watch the SOTS on the OH channel…after viewing this, I think I’ll pass….this guy’s a hot mess….

  • Jcontrague

    Is he doing the SOTS or stand up comedy????

  • Adrienne Knight

    It isn’t funny.¬†

  • literateinit


  • Annekarima

    That was sick.¬†¬† Not PB.¬† The gov.¬† What was that song?¬† From – yeah – a long long time ago?¬† “They’re coming to take you away!¬† uh huh!¬† They’re coming to take you away!!!”

  • Carrie Preston

    Oh the good old days!

  • Demydo


  • Demydo

    Typo correction – Wackkashit.

  • Adrienne Knight

    Thanks Eric, makes me sad and angry. Who voted for this monster again? 

  • Portia A. Boulger

    This is so wonderful, clever, & fun!!

    Mic Check!
    John Kasich
    Is selling out Ohio to frackers and Wall Street
    We will NOT be silent
    We will NOT be bought
    We ARE the people!
    People Power, NOT corporate profits!

  • Kay Skelly

    I an sooooooooooo tired of this idiot!!!¬† I ‘m still astounded that anyone voted for him in the first place.¬†¬† Hopefully, he’ll be a one-term governor!! I want Ted back.

  • e cigarette

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  • Anonymous

    Kasich didn’t win because¬†of the stupidity of the populace. He won because the economy sucked and a lot of our voters weren’t motivated enough, for some reason, to vote. He barely won, but now we’re suffering.
    What state will you now put your faith in?
    New Jersey?
    All are states that voted for the President in 2008, but also elected wacko governors since then.
    Don’t throw your handas up in disgust, although it is tempting and somewhat understandable.
    Work to change the dynamic.
    There are very few places in the US that are reliable havens for progressivism.

  • Carrie Preston

    Don’t you mean wackadoodle¬† governors?

  • Anonymous

    This is the type of “leadership” you get from Citizens United.
    Yes, Kasich has been aropund for awhile before Citizens United, but he was propped up by a series of right-wing millionaires his whole career. The Wolfes, the Timkens, Faux News, ad nauseam.
    They reap what they sow.
    and we end up suffering.

  • essay

    Typo correction – Wackkashit!

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