This one reference in yesterday’s State of the State should have been a major news story:


Hamilton, Ohio. ThyssenKrupp – big steel people. They were going to move their shock absorbers to Mexico. Not only are they not moving them because we got down there and worked with them–not only are they not moving to Mexico – they are moving people from Mexico to Hamilton, Ohio to make shock absorbers at ThyssenKrupp.

That’s Governor John Kasich calling JobsOhio a success for keeping a plant in Ohio by giving it incentives… to bring in Mexican workers?

Hamilton is in Butler County, where I live.  Here’s what the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services says is the not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Butler County is:

image In other words, unemployment in Butler County is higher than it is in the State overall.  Unemployment in the City of Hamilton is at 8.7%, even higher than the county’s.  Already this month (one week end) and Butler County has been the subject of two WARN mass layoff notices concerns the loss of nearly 400 jobs.

Oh, and to add one more layer to this, meet Butler County Richard Jones who publicly models himself from… Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Wait, is he trying to tell us HE'S an illegal immigrant?

Now granted, the employees being brought to this plant in Hamilton are entering the country legally.  But Butler County is a deeply red county that the politics of anti-immigration runs white hot (emphasis on white).  It’s a county that was doing well until the housing bubble popped, and now finds itself going from below average unemployment to above the State’s average.

What I’m getting at is:

  • Anonymous

    As a Butler Co. resident since 1977.  I live in Fairfield and the 2 paths to Hamilton prove that Butler Co. has been suffering a decline for years. Gone are Mosler, Diebold, Fisher Body, Champion Paper and many other smaller plants & job shops that were vendors to them. In Hamilton, there is no more Beckett Paper and now, Smart Paper just closed. 

  • Brent

    Love it – the plunderbund xenophobes.  This is a country that was built on immigration – legal, trained workers can only enrich this country.

    Maybe you should have posted a picture of the Frito Bandito to make sure that everyone got the message.

    If the Democrats had a tea party, they would host it right here.

  • I live a few miles up the road, in Steeltown, and I’ve been disgusted by Buford T. Justice since he took over as Sheriff. I’ve also been sickened at the loss of manufacturing here, and the ever-enlarging cleared-out areas as the city demolishes former places of employment; Middletown is looking more and more like Berlin, where huge areas of emptiness persist nearly 70 years after WWII ended.

    Except, in Middletown, the Allies didn’t destroy the industrial base with bombs. The Fascists did with policy.

  • Annekarima

    Do Fritos go with high tea?

  • Modern Esquire

    I have no problem with immigrants.  But I do have a problem with our government encouraging businesses, with state tax dollars, to hire immigrant workers when qualified people already in Ohio are looking for work. 
    Seriously, get a clue.

    We’re enriched when people are working.  We’re not talking about H1-B visa holders who are providing skilled labor or medical services in areas which have critical labor shortages in those areas.  Nor are we talking about the kind of labor that migrant farmworkers do or other jobs that Ohioans are unwilling to take.

    We’re talking about what could be well paying manufacturing jobs that out of work Ohioans are willing and able to take.

    If you can’t see that distinction, I can’t help you.

  • Green Iris

    the akron ceo link is to a press release . not a verifiable 3rd party source.

  • I live in Tuscarawas county we have an expanding population of immigrants here in the county that come up to work in the poultry factories. I believe they have every right to be here however they are taking these jobs at wages lower than what should be paid. They then take a large amount of this money and send it back to their South American homes. This is not helping our economy any. So when I hear they are doing this in Butler county I only say it is too bad. We have a problem with our economy and our money is still being drained away and not helping us.

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