Kasich’s team at the Ohio Department of Transportation recently announced that only $100 million a year will be available to fund new construction projects approved by Ohio’s Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC). As a result, vital road work around the state is being delayed for years and, in some cases, decades.

As we’ve mentioned before, the previous administration budgeted $317 million in fiscal year 2011 while the Kasich budget appropriates just $60 million in Fiscal 2012 and $123 million in Fiscal 2013 out of a $5.5 billion two-year budget.

Kasich’s strategy is clear: cut the crap out of transportation funding then claim budget shortfalls are hurting local projects in an attempt to convince people that the only solution is to raise money through privatization of the turnpike.

It’s a clear attempt to manipulate us. And anyone who pushes Kasich’s ‘we have no money’ argument is clearly pushing a load of bull, and we all know it.

You want further proof?

Kasich’s people are now asking for nearly $3 Million – or 3% of the funding mentioned about – to pay for consultants to research the sale of the Turnpike, or possible take over by ODOT.

It’s true part of the money for this study comes from the feds – like a lot of the transportation budget. But it turns out it wasn’t enough to cover the cost of the consultants Kasich hired (KPMG) and so ODOT is now going before the Controlling Board on Monday to asking for millions more.

Not enough money for new projects, but plenty for consultants to advise on privatization of state assets. You’re not fooling anyone, Governor.