I haven’t seen this directly pointed out in the press coverage yet, nor has anyone pointed it out in comments.

The same guy in the State Treasurer’s Office who wrote to ODP that Mandel’s virtually blank schedule book showed he was the “hardest working State Treasurer in America” is the same guy who has subbed for Josh Mandel at every single one  of the State Board of Deposits meetings Mandel is supposed to chair.  Meetings that every other State Treasurer except Mandel attended.

Here’s the signature on the “hardest working State Treasurer in America” letter:


And here’s the Associated Press story on Mandel’s absenteeism with the Board of Deposit:

Mandel spokesman Seth Unger said Mandel has a top-notch chief financial officer whom he sends to the meetings. Seth Metcalf, who also serves as Mandel’s general counsel, is a former tax and bond attorney with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. He has a law degree from Cornell University Law School and extensive experience in finance.

(emphasis added.)