During the 2010 campaign for Ohio Governor, John Kasich and Mary Taylor announced their Common Sense Initiative (CSI) aimed at reducing government regulations in Ohio.

At the time we jokingly referred to the plan as “Copying Strickland’s Ideas” because it was, and is, very similar to the plan laid out by Governor Strickland in a 2008 executive order. Kasich even stole his CSI name from Strickland’s “Common Sense Business Regulation” plan.

So it’s been over a year now since Kasich and Taylor took office. And nearly 17 months since they announced their CSI initiative. And according to Kasich’s own CSI page they are JUST starting their review of state agency rules. So in 12 months, not only have they not eliminated or revised any rules, they haven’t even started looking at them yet!

So imagine my surprise when I read this piece in today’s Dispatch titled:

“CSI Ohio dissects red tape to free up Ohio’s businesses”.

Ah, the Dispatch aka Kasich’s other press office.

Reading that headline you’d think his CSI program had been hammering away for months knocking down obstacles for small business owners and killing unnecessary regulations that prevent job growth. But in fact, they didn’t even start looking at state agency rules until January 5th.

The Dispatch runs THAT headline and they don’t seem to think it was necessary to at least mention the extensive work the previous administration did in reforming state agency rules?

Of course not.

Here’s the part the Dispatch forgot the mention:

Governor Strickland revised or eliminated 2,050 rules after a review of approximately 3,800 rules by state agencies.

Governor Kasich revised or eliminated 0 rules after reviewing 0 rules.