It’s no secret that John Kasich likes to spend money, at least on himself and his team. Kasich’s staff got big raises when he took office. And in less than three months, Kasich used the state plane more than Governor Strickland did in an entire year.

Based on records obtained by Plunderbund, it looks like Kasich and his staff are getting other perks as well, including new cell phones and some nice new office equipment.

Staffers in the Governor’s office, and Governor’s office staff at ODJFS and the office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives have all been issued mobile devices. Governor’s office staff (24) have new Blackberry Bold 9650s while others (6) have been provided iPads. Governor’s office staff under Strickland did not have state-paid mobile devices.

Based on a review of a phone records for 2011, the Governor’s office staff spends about $1743.85 each month, while the Faith-Based office spends $205.35. Kasich staff also bill about $75 a month to ODJFS for two phones and an iPad. Records show the total cost per year for phone service will likely excede $23,000.00.

With the exception of Jai Chabria, who recieved a Blackberry costing $479.99, phones for other staff members appear to have been provided without cost based on the 12 month contracts they signed with Verizon Wireless. Other equipment purchased for the Governor’s office included everything from flat screen TVs ($657.96) to a full installation of wireless network equipment costing nearly $9,000.

Shane Ellet, in the office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, filed a request for iPads for his team. It’s worth noting that he was surprisingly frugal, choosing to request refurbished iPad 1s at only $350.00 each instead of the newer and much more expensive iPad 2s. Unfortunately, whoever chose the new $7,500 Color Printer for the Governor’s office didn’t seem to have the same concerns.

As of November 2011 the Governor’s office spent $20,646.93 on equipmment including:

$479.99 Blackberry Bold for Jai Chabria
$657.96 Flat screen TVs and wall mounts
$599.98 Equipment Installation
$700.00 iPads for Faith-Based Office
$1,547.00 Summit X150 Network Switch
$250.00 Installation of network equipmment
$7,500.00 Xerox ColorQube™ 9203 color printer
$8,912.00 Wireless network equipment
  • Pottsb

    When I was in law enforcement we were told that if we used the dept issued cell phone for personal call, the cost of the calls were taxable. So I had to carry two phones. One I paid for and one for dept use.

  • Pottsb

    When I was in law enforcement we were told that if we used the dept issued cell phone for personal call, the cost of the calls were taxable. So I had to carry two phones. One I paid for and one for dept use.

  • Great!

  • Great!

  • The ColorQube looks used as well. New ones are much more.

  • cool post!

  • Wow guys! You’ve cracked another blockbuster of biblical proportions. 

    I guess you think we should go back to the Strickand days of no wi-fi, 10% unemployment and a telegraph machine.

  • Adrienne

    Way to go with more lying about being fiscally conservative. Do as I say, not as I do especially when it is the tax payers money and not their own.  Prince John to the rescue again.


  • luv2teach

    This makes me sick. Is this where the money for my students’ computers is going? Teachers around the state are trying to create 21st century classrooms with equipment that is so, so old its unbelievable. And we have these selfish !@#$%^&* spending $23,000 on phone bills. Very frustrating! 

  • Since Xerox doesn’t sell it anymore, have to wonder where they did get it.

  • Kat

    Disgusting swine.  

  • They bought it directly from Xerox on 4/18/2011.

  • Free cell phones? Free trips on the state plane? Next thing you know we’re going to find out they’re getting free candy too!

  • I don’t want any of my tax dollars spent on faith based anything…..Hope fully this gets investigated  it’s illegal to spend tax payers money on faith based projects.  Separation of Church and State.  Raping and pillaging that is Republicans MO….damn can’t wait to get this idiot out of office to bad we can’t kick his ass to the curb like they are doing to Walker in Wisconsin.

  • Annekarima

    Didn’t they get almost free booze?

  • I agree I have 2 working student computers in my room and I am required to have at east 10 of my students on a specific reading program that takes at least 15 minutes to get through. I am constantly stopping and putting a student on those computers. The students miss some of the lessons I am having while they are on the computers. I have been asking for at least 3 more computers so at least 5 of the students could get through during time where they would not miss any important lessons. The other 5 could possibly be on the computers during center time. There is so much I could do if I only had those 3 other computers.

  • The infrastructure for wi fi is one thing, but free cell phones is ridiculous. They can afford their own phones and use them for their own purposes including work related reasons. I have to use my own cell phone to call students parents about poor behavior during class time unless I want to leave my room with the class in tow to go to a phone which I can make an outgoing phone call from. If  I have to use my own cell and I am a government employee then they should too!!!!

  • $23 grand? With the bill that the govt passed regarding “tip offs” from cell phone companies etc….why hasnt anyone questioned these bills? CELL PHONES?  Don’t they have office land line phones? Someone needs to sound the alarm…this is outrageous!

  • Free for them…NOT to OHIO taxpayers….who’s “riding the gravy train?”

  • Anonymous

    Never mind young Mr. Mascari. His head’s so far up Kasich’s ass that his perception isn’t quite balanced.

  • Dmoore2222

    If you’re looking for a scandal, then just wait until JobsOhio gets into full swing. It will make this look like child’s play. Like with SB5, Johhny Boy is setting himself up for disaster.

  • That may explain why the price was so low since they were getting ready to take it off the shelves.

  • I have connections with the some of the big guys here in Steubenville.  I don’t which is worse, the KKK rally that was held here in 1998 or Kasich coming to a blue collar union town to make his State of the State.

  • :))

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