It’s no secret that John Kasich likes to spend money, at least on himself and his team. Kasich’s staff got big raises when he took office. And in less than three months, Kasich used the state plane more than Governor Strickland did in an entire year.

Based on records obtained by Plunderbund, it looks like Kasich and his staff are getting other perks as well, including new cell phones and some nice new office equipment.

Staffers in the Governor’s office, and Governor’s office staff at ODJFS and the office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives have all been issued mobile devices. Governor’s office staff (24) have new Blackberry Bold 9650s while others (6) have been provided iPads. Governor’s office staff under Strickland did not have state-paid mobile devices.

Based on a review of a phone records for 2011, the Governor’s office staff spends about $1743.85 each month, while the Faith-Based office spends $205.35. Kasich staff also bill about $75 a month to ODJFS for two phones and an iPad. Records show the total cost per year for phone service will likely excede $23,000.00.

With the exception of Jai Chabria, who recieved a Blackberry costing $479.99, phones for other staff members appear to have been provided without cost based on the 12 month contracts they signed with Verizon Wireless. Other equipment purchased for the Governor’s office included everything from flat screen TVs ($657.96) to a full installation of wireless network equipment costing nearly $9,000.

Shane Ellet, in the office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, filed a request for iPads for his team. It’s worth noting that he was surprisingly frugal, choosing to request refurbished iPad 1s at only $350.00 each instead of the newer and much more expensive iPad 2s. Unfortunately, whoever chose the new $7,500 Color Printer for the Governor’s office didn’t seem to have the same concerns.

As of November 2011 the Governor’s office spent $20,646.93 on equipmment including:

$479.99 Blackberry Bold for Jai Chabria
$657.96 Flat screen TVs and wall mounts
$599.98 Equipment Installation
$700.00 iPads for Faith-Based Office
$1,547.00 Summit X150 Network Switch
$250.00 Installation of network equipmment
$7,500.00 Xerox ColorQube™ 9203 color printer
$8,912.00 Wireless network equipment