The Ohio Democratic Party makes a public records request to Josh Mandel for a copy of his official calendar to see how much time he’s spent on actual State business when he’s not busy running for his next political office.

Mandel’s office then scrambles to put together a laughable “Top to Bottom review” of the office that largely cites “accomplishments” either things that his predecessors did or other claims already discredited by the Ohio media.  For example, one of the things Mandel’ boasts is Ohio’s high credit rating for certain portfolios, but Mandel omits that it’s the same rating that these portfolios have always had.  Mandel then also claims credit to the upgrade in Ohio’s financial outlook by the credit rating agencies, but, again, those agencies actually justified the upgrade to how Ohio’s fiscal management weathered the recession, which Mandel can claim no part.  Nothing in the credit reporting agencies announcements give any indication that the decision was due to a single thing Mandel had done in the few months he had been in office when the upgrading occurred.

Mandel’s office almost immediately after issuing this report which came out of nowhere and seemed to be a direct response to the ODP’s public records request (I only say that because they just happened to prepare it and include it with their response to ODP’s public records request), the office then issued this letter to the Ohio Democratic Party Chairman in which Mandel’s staff declared their boss “the hardest working State Treasurer in America,” which is remarkable given that in the same letter they gave this excuse as to why Mandel’s official office calendar was virtually blank:


His staff grew tired writing "Being the Most Awesome $tate Treasurer EVER" daily...

Seriously, they wrote those two sentences in the same letter.

The Associated Press already did a story about how Mandel spent much of the past year focusing on his Senate race and had virtually no official duties on his calendar.  Then yesterday, the Associated Press reported how Mandel is the first State Treasurer in State history to never appeared at a single meeting at the Ohio Board of Deposit meetings, which the State Treasurer chairs.  The Board decides which banks Ohio will deposit its money.  Although it is not unheard of for the State Treasurer to occasionally send someone in his or her place, Mandel is the first State treasurer to never make an appearance.

Of course, today just happens be the day the monthly board is scheduled to meet.  So, Mandel will surely appear today, right?

Then again, maybe NOT…

Here’s how Politico described Mandel’s candidacy:

Josh Mandel — the Ohio Senate candidate who has been fully embraced by the Washington GOP establishment but besieged by a downpour of critical headlines — is facing more scrutiny about how he’s juggling politics with his day job.

[Recapping yesterday’s AP story on the Board of Deposits]

POLITICO has obtained an invitation for a D.C. fundraiser on behalf of Mandel set for Thursday morning — just two hours before the next scheduled board of deposit meeting in Columbus.

It would be quite the feat if he was able to make both events.

A Mandel campaign spokesman did not immediately return a call and email seeking comment.

Josh Mandel is now documented having to send office surrogates to handle his official business while he tends to campaign fundraising.  If Mandel has no interest in doing the job that he was elected to do and is just biding his time until he can get a seat in the U.S. Senate or something else, he should resign.

Mandel’s fundraiser is hosted by U.S. Senator Rob Portman and costs $500 per person or $2,000 per PAC to attend.  That’s some expensive breakfast!  (The French Toast better be imported, is all I’m saying).

Seriously, I understand that we can’t expected elected statewide office holders from having to attend fundraisers and political events during normal working hours, but isn’t Mandel crossing the line?

He’s using his official office to created documents specifically for partisan political purposes to try to protect himself from attacks in his Senate race, and now is unquestionably shirking his official duties in order to raise money for the race.

I’ve said it several times before, but it is worth repeating: Josh Mandel is nothing more than an empty suit with a fat wallet.

Josh Mandel would be a much better State Treasurer if he cared nearly half as much about the State’s finances as he apparently does his Senate campaign’s.

  • And this is the guy who made false statements about his opponent during the election. He deserves to be investigated.

  • He’s an R. They don’t work after they are elected.

  • Anastasjoy

    OK, now two of us have called on The Empty Suit to do the job or resign. Think he’ll listen?

    You say, “Nothing in the credit reporting agencies announcements give any indication that the decision was due to a single thing Mandel had done in the few months he had been in office when the upgrading occurred.”

    That is because the Empty Suit has not DONE a single thing! (He’s trying to maintain his track record from his time on Lyndhurst City Council and in the state legislature — why start actually doing something now?) I cannot fathom why he is receiving a taxpayer-funded salary. We should take it back and split it among the employees in the treasurer’s office who are actually doing the work.

  • Anastasjoy

    Most of them at least pretend, Adrienne. Joshie can’t even be bothered to do that. He clearly has zero interest in being treasurer except as a stepping stone to a more influential job. 

  • good and informative post!

  • good and informative post!

  • Great!

  • Xx

    Hey Josh, you could save the state some money by returning your salary since you aren’t doing anything to earn it.

  • Anonymous

    If we could only convince Kasich and that Gang Of Pirates in the legislature to spend the same amount of time at their “jobs” as Josh, we might have a faster recovery.

  • Natasha

    First, I respect and am grateful for the service Mr. Mandel did as a Marine.  He should be proud of it and all of us should be grateful for the very few of us, like Mr. Mandel, that serve or served under arms for our nation.

    That said, there have been comments here on his site and other sites that claim that Mr. Mandel did not complete, was “washed out” of, U.S.M.C. Officer’s Candidate School. 

    Is that true? 

    Many do fail that tough course.  It does, however,  speak to Mr. Mandel’s leadership ability, or lack thereof.  Maybe, The Corps recognized something in him or not in him that caused The Corps to reject Mr. Mandel as a leader, officer, in the U.S.M.C.

  • OT:  Did anyone catch the reference to Kasich in last night”s “hispanic-focused” republican  debate?  Santorum referred to the a health savings account bill he and Kasich wrote 20 years ago. He said that is “really the fundamental reform of getting consumers back involved in the health care system”.

  • Mandel went to Case Western Reserve for Law School, but I seem to be unable to verify if he took the law boards and if he passed. We’d like to know more about his academic background other than that 2 day course he took at Harvard.  I respect his military service, but he doesn’t seem qualified for his current office or any other.

  • Anastasjoy

    Natasha, my own feeling is that Mandel’s service as a Marine Reservist is irrelevant to any discussion of his political career. I don’t think we need to give it effusive respect and gratitude, nor is there any point in speculating that he might have been rejected for any position in the Marine Corps or that he served less than honorably. Simply, it doesn’t matter. The military has harbored heroes and scoundrels.

    All that matters is what Mandel is showing us now in terms of his dedication to his current job and the positions he presents to the public to make his case that he deserves to replace Sherrod Brown. We are seeing that he lacks the former and refuses to do the latter. Therefore, he insults us by claiming he is the better candidate.

  • Anastasjoy

    I don’t respect his military service, nor do I disrespect it because I don’t know enough about what he did. And I don’t care. I want to know what he is doing as treasurer and what he stands for as a Senate candidate. As for passing his law boards, I’m not sure that matters either because I’m not aware of him ever actively practicing law, although he may have. But mostly he’s just been a career politician. A BAD one.

  • When you do nothing, you can do nothing wrong.

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