From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

With the resignation of Bob Sommers last week it appeared that some of the friction between the Governor’s office and the Ohio Department of Education would begin to dissipate.  You may recall that Sommers had his heart set on the role of State Superintendent, but had to withdraw from consideration after lawyers informed him that “state ethics laws would keep him from having contact with the governor’s office for a year.”  At that point, Stan Heffner was plucked from the millions of Ohioans who had also not applied for the job (after backing out of his Educational Testing Service […]

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Rob Nichols has the hardest job in Columbus.  He has to make John Kasich’s ideas seem sane.  Sometimes, that requires Nichols to say things that are just patently absurd.  Like this defense in the Columbus Dispatch’s of Kasich’s decision to give the State of the State address in a public high school in Steubenville as opposed to the Ohio House chambers:

“Part of the reason Ohio lost 400,000 jobs over the previous four years was because people were unwilling to make the necessary changes to get Ohio back on track, and now we have people unwilling to do […]

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In the midst of all the Issue 2 (SB 5) referendum, it got lost that at the same time that there was another referendum effort already underway to repeal HB 194, the Republican’s bill that gutted early voting, prohibited school districts from providing transportation to students to cast legal ballots, eliminates the requirement that poll workers direct voters to their correct precinct, permits the challenge of an early ballot if the identification envelope statement of voter is not entirely completed (except you cannot challenge if that ballot was cast overseas or alleged by a voter in […]

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Roughly a year ago, I decided for my birthday that I would go before the Ohio House Finance Committee to testify against the initial bill to create JobsOhio (a.k.a. “RobsOhio.)

My opponent testimony featured these points:

History and objective studies show that a private company running a State’s economic development efforts works no better than public ones. These entities have a documented history of ethical problems that require strict, robust, and comprehensive ethical requirements that trump the right to secrecy. The plan to have JobsOhio acquire an equitable stake in the companies it assists is unethical […]

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With a degree in Broadcast Journalism and experience as a television news anchor, ODOT spokesman Steve Faulkner would seem like an unlikely candidate for a career in politics.

But after leaving television and spending a few years as a poorly-paid legislative aide in the Ohio House, Faulkner seems to have caught Mary Taylor’s eye, earning himself a position as her Deputy Press Secretary at the Auditor’s office, where he made about $46K a year.

When Taylor rode the 2010 Republican wave into the Lieutenant Governor’s office, she brought many of her trusted people with her. Faulkner made the cut […]

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