From the daily archives: Monday, January 23, 2012

Governor Kasich’s new budget law, HB153, implemented a new required evaluation process for all Ohio teachers (Ohio Revised Code 3319.111). The new law requires that 50% of a teacher’s evaluation include student growth measures. I’ve been wondering for a while whether the state also included a definition of “teacher” in the evaluation and finally looked it up after being sparked by a post by our friends over at Join the Future.  Stunningly, Ohio Revised Code (ORC) does contain the definition of a teacher.  And not surprisingly, following the trail of codes reveals that some educators appear […]

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When Kasich announced Randy Meyer would be the next Inspector General he made it clear that Meyer was “not going to be a traffic cop hiding in the bushes.” And based on the small number of investigatory reports issued by Meyer’s office in the first year (only 12 – the fewest since 2007), it seems like the Governor may have had some amazing foresight.

Meyer claims the shortage of reports has more to do with needing time to transition and less to do with pissing off the Governor, but I have my doubts.

For starters, the Ohio inspector […]

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