(P.S.-  You still have a day job, and it’s not being a candidate for the U.S. Senate).

According to Bloomberg News, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce alone spent $2.8 million in Ohio in attack ads in Ohio targeting Sherrod Brown alone.  On top that, the Karl Rove-led American Crossroads SuperPAC spent nearly a million in ads attacking Brown last fall, as did 60 Plus and the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.  How much did Sherrod Brown or third party groups spend in his defense in response?  Zero.

The Chamber’s attack ads have been blasted as false.  Meanwhile, Josh Mandel has his own consistent problem with telling the truth about Sherrod Brown, too.  Mandel has been caught lying about Sherrod on the stimulus and even on Sherrod’s political fundraising as well.

Regardless, how much have these unrebutted millions in attacks ads affected public opinion in Ohio about Sherrod Brown before his re-election campaign has actually begun?

Again, the effect has been essentially nada.

In today’s Quinnipiac Poll, it showed that the gap between Brown’s approval rating and disapproval rating did narrow from 20 points (50%/30% in October) to 13 points (47%/34%) today.  Still, the most important thing is that Brown’s approval rating is still comfortably near the 50% mark and he’s the only politician polled in Ohio that has an approval rating above water among the President, the Governor and Senator Portman.  Josh Mandel, fresh off his statewide victory in 2010 that his supporters claim make him a threat this year,  has a favorable rating of 17% to a 13% unfavorable rate, as 69% of Ohioans have a “never heard of ‘em” attitude towards Mandel.

61% of Ohio Republicans say they haven’t heard enough of Mandel to form an opinion.

Sherrod Brown has almost as much of a favorability rating among Republicans as Josh Mandel presently has with all Ohioans.

This is why Josh Mandel is known here as the “Empty Suit, Fat Wallet” candidate.

In fact, shortly after the Ohio Democratic Party issued a public records request for Josh’s official schedule if he’s spent any time in his elected office and the Associated Press reported that Mandel, well, spent most of the year campaigning for a new office almost immediately after taking office, Mandel rushed out a “Top to Bottom” review of his office that is filled with countless errors and achievements that the media already discredited.

That’s how it’s going for Josh Mandel.  He’s getting tagged as a candidate that will readily allow himself to be interviewed by NewsMax, but flees from appearing at the Akron City Club, or anywhere where he’d be asked to actually take a position on the issues outside of “safe” conservative circles or offer any plans.

Regardless, Sherrod has been the target of a multimillion dollar ad campaign to help Josh Mandel.  So, how the head-to-head race looking?image

It’s the same 15-point race it’s been all last year.  The multi-million dollar campaign by hasn’t improved Mandel’s fortunes at all.  

You'd smile too if you had Sherrod's poll numbers...

Things can still change in the nearly nine months left in the campaign.  But statistically speaking, incumbents with these kind of numbers at this point in an election cycle are almost always re-elected.

  • let Josh quit his day job. He just won’t have a job. Not that it would hurt Ohio any.

  • let Josh quit his day job. He just won’t have a job. Not that it would hurt Ohio any.

  • What a great post! thank you for sharing! i liked it very much.

  • MarleneB

    That’s because Sherrod’s a *true* public servant. All Little Joshy is, is a glory-seeking wh0re who has delusions of higher office!

  • Annekarima

    Senator Brown always speaks to his public, no matter who you are.  A lot of repubs could learn from that.  They seem to think it is not important – many of them – not quite all of them.  Sen Brown can be in a hurry and pass by you, turn from the person he is with, look you in the eye and say “hello”.  He knows it means a vote, not a $1000.00 or more plate.  Or maybe he just knows you are a person, deserving to be recognized.  He still has his humanity.

  • Anonymous

    maybe Josh can be the veep pick for the Republicans

  • Joek1009

    Sherrod will blow his lead if he continues his support of SOPA/PIPA. This will be a third rail for the Democrats.

  • Adrienne

    He can leave his job anytime since he isn’t interesting in doing it. I’m tired of having employees who don’t really work for me. 

  • Annekarima

    Whatever.  Manners still count something.

  • Rouse

    sherod has been a real public servant  he fights for workers
    someone in trouble of loosing will go to great lengths to discredit sherod
    but the voters know better
    look how republicans threated us this past year , remember that when you go to vote , if they had thier way we would all be out of work

  • Anonymous

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the enemy within.  Generally speaking, anyone they support, I will not vote for.

  • Anonymous

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the enemy within.  Generally speaking, anyone they support, I will not vote for.

  • Adrienne Knight

    Yup, they are worse than the “terrorists”.

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