And why am I not surprised who it is.

Jessica Logan was a young Cincinnati teenager who made the mistake of sending some provocative  photos to her high school boyfriend.  The photos got out, and she became so harassed at school over the pictures that she took her own life in 2008.

The Jessica Logan Act, HB 155, was named in her honor and calls for school boards to add cyber bullying or bullying by other electronic means to their State mandated anti-bullying policies.

The Ohio House passed the bill back in June.  Today, the Ohio Senate took the bill.  It passed with a nearly unanimous vote this afternoon.  Nearly unanimous because of one lone “No” vote.

Senator Kris JordanAnd who was the lone no vote on the Jessica Logan Act?

None other that State Senator Kris Jordan (R-Powell).

You know, the guy when questioned by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office investigating him for domestic violence against his wife said:

“She got a little upset. Girls do that.”

The guy who then sought to have the sheriff deputies investigated for…well, daring to investigate him (the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office was cleared of all of Jordan’s ridiculous allegations of having a hot Republican-on-Republican conspiracy against him.)

Sometimes, the posts write themselves.