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Last week we published a list of Ohio’s Class II wastewater injection wells. These wells are used to dispose of brine and other potentially toxic fluids associated with oil and gas production, over half of which comes from out-of-state fracking wells. Today we’re discussing the violations these wells have received since 2000.

Of the 9,568 inspections performed on Ohio’s approximately 190 disposal wells, there were 867 failed inspections. Some of these failures were new violations, and some were failures on follow up inspections. We’ve compiled the complete list of violations in this excel document [FAILED_SWD_INSPECTIONS.XLS] for anyone who […]

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Today’s Quinnipiac poll shows Obama with a slight lead against Republican Mitt Romney 44% to 42%.  What’s remarkable about the poll is its similarity to Quinnipiac’s 2010 poll in the Strickland-Kasich race in late February (the closest poll at the same stage of the race.)  At roughly this point in 2010, Quinny had Strickland up 44% to 39%. 

There are other similarities:

Romney beats Obama 89 – 5 percent among Republicans and the two men tie among independent voters 39 – 40 percent. The president carries Democrats 87 – 7 percent. Romney gets 45 percent […]

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And why am I not surprised who it is.

Jessica Logan was a young Cincinnati teenager who made the mistake of sending some provocative  photos to her high school boyfriend.  The photos got out, and she became so harassed at school over the pictures that she took her own life in 2008.

The Jessica Logan Act, HB 155, was named in her honor and calls for school boards to add cyber bullying or bullying by other electronic means to their State mandated anti-bullying policies.

The Ohio House passed the bill back in June.  Today, the Ohio Senate took the bill.  […]

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SOPA/PIPA : What you need to know

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As you may have noticed, several sites have “gone dark” (Reddit, Wikipedia), or put up some kind of splash screen or informational graphic about the internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA in the House and Senate, respectively. We briefly considered going dark ourselves, but as a political site, decided that wasn’t the best course of action.

However, we would like to give you some information about the bills, and some actions you can take to oppose them.

First, amazingly enough CNN Money has a pretty good summary of the two bills, in layman’s terms, up on their site. If […]

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