As long as we’re mapping things, I thought I’d share a map of the shale wells that have recently been permitted by The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). These wells will likely use the controversial hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) method for extracting oil and gas.

According to data on ODNR’s website, 185 permits have been issued since 2009, 19 for drilling in the Marcellus shale and a total of 166 permits for Utica shale wells as of 01/01/2012.

The majority of these wells are horizontal wells, but a large number are also vertical wells – which often are exploratory wells. According to the Vindicator, an operator will need to “acquire an additional horizontal permit if it wants to extract natural gas and oil” from a vertical exploratory well that shows promise. We’ve categorized the wells on the map so you can quickly identify the type.

CommunityWalk Map – New Ohio Shale Wells – 1/1/2012