Last month Josh Mandel claimed he was he was “too busy” to speak to local voters and press at the Akron Press Club despite the fact that they offered to let him pick his own date and gave him the opportunity to have a forum all to himself.

As the PD points out:

[Mandel’s] media strategy has him being selective, not only in terms of whom he’ll grant interviews to (conservative program hosts, for the most part) but also about giving his opinion to the Ohio press on U.S. Senate issues.

…Democrats say Mandel, while too busy to address Ohioans through the media, seems to consistently find time to fly out of state to raise money for his political campaign.

So is Mandel ignoring his duties as Treasurer by traveling around the country fundraising instead of working? Is Josh ignoring his responsibilities to Ohioans and Ohio’s press corps who want to ask Senate Candidate Josh Mandel questions about import issues affecting Ohio?

The answer to both questions is, of course, yes.

And Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern has filed a records request for Mandel’s schedule for the past year to provide more proof. Among the many, many examples that will turn up in the responsive records, the events of this past Friday will stand out as one of the most telling.

On Friday, January 6th, 2012 Senator Sherod Brown had accepted the request to speak the Akron Press Club. And while he was talking to Ohioans and answering their questions, Mandel, who said he was “too busy” to talk to the Press Club, was – Surprise! – in Florida doing an interview with the ultra-right wing “news” organization NewsMax and likely doing some fundraising in nearby Palm Beach.

According to this tweet from NewsMax reporter John Bachman, Mandel was filming an interview at the organization’s headquarters in Palm Beach Florida on January 6th.

The convenient thing about the NewsMax headquarters is its location. According to their editor, the location is perfect for right-wing politicians who want to fund raise and do interviews in one trip:

“Ken Chandler, who edits the magazine, explained that the location had actually made News-max more accessible to politicians, since it is just a few miles from the airport. ‘We get a lot of politicians who come to Palm Beach for fund-raisers. They just get off the plane, they come here, and it works quite well.’”

It’s unclear whether Mandel was already down in Florida for some fundraising when he stopped by NewsMax for an interview, but it is clear that he wasn’t in Ohio doing his job as Treasurer or talking to the people he hopes to represent in the Senate.