From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back in October John Kasich asked Ohioans to suggest slogans to appear on Ohio’s new license plates.

At the time, we made some suggestions, and it turns out we may have had at least a little impact on the over 400,000 responses received by the Ohio BMV.

As of this afternoon, the Plain Dealer has all of the responses online in a searchable database. As they point out, a lot of the suggestions have to do with God or Lebron James, but a great deal of them also refer to John Kasich, and most of those were […]

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Last month Josh Mandel claimed he was he was “too busy” to speak to local voters and press at the Akron Press Club despite the fact that they offered to let him pick his own date and gave him the opportunity to have a forum all to himself.

As the PD points out:

[Mandel’s] media strategy has him being selective, not only in terms of whom he’ll grant interviews to (conservative program hosts, for the most part) but also about giving his opinion to the Ohio press on U.S. Senate issues.

…Democrats say Mandel, while too busy to […]

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