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Irrelevant Iowa

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This is my quadrennial tradition of writing a post bemoaning how overrated the Iowa caucus is.  Seriously.  120,000 people participated in the Iowa Republican caucuses last night, and that is supposedly a record high.  That’s a little over 5% of the Iowa electorate.  And that’s a record turnout.

If you added all the votes cast in the Iowa GOP Caucus last night, you’d get the same number of votes Republican candidate Matt Dolan got in 2010 in the Cuyahoga County Executive election alone (and that was only a little over 30% of the vote).  John Kasich and Ted […]

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As Brian pointed out in a post yesterday, Kasich’s office is responding to recent earthquakes near Youngstown, and the public outcry about safety concerns with fracking and the toxic waste it produces, not by addressing the public’s concerns but instead by hunkering down and trying (pretty unsuccessfully) to change the subject.

According to Kasich’s logic there’s no reason to slow down on the expansion of fracking since the fracking process and fracking wells are completely safe, it’s only the millions of gallons of toxic waste the process produces that’s a problem. So hey, full speed ahead!

Gas and Oil […]

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