From the daily archives: Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In terms of Plunderbund as a business, 2011 has been a big year.  October marked the second anniversary of our decision to push the boundaries of political blogging in the state and take the site to new levels.  In April we went live with our third major site re-design since 2005.  We added several ad placements and began using a combination of Google ads and direct placements to fill out our ad inventory.

We’ve published more and better content than ever and broken more stories than any blog in Ohio has in a single year.  Joseph and Modern are […]

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Another of the big developments at Plunderbund in 2011 was the launch of a companion site to track the state budget. The site, Ohio Budget Watch, was primarily active during the spring as the GOP-controlled legislature and Governor’s office drafted what constitutes the single-biggest piece of legislation that gets written in a two-year period. The budget is full of policy changes that affect every day Ohioans. In over 4,000 pages, it would be easy for the party in power to sneak through some fairly horrible new policies, so our reporting was aimed at calling attention to these things before […]

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