From a Washington Post story on the correlation being drawn between heavy dumping into a fracking waste well in Ohio and the rash of earthquakes, we get this nugget from Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols:

A spokesman for Gov. John Kasich, an outspoken supporter of the growing oil and natural gas industry in Ohio, said the shale industry shouldn’t be punished for a fracking byproduct.

“That would be the equivalent of shutting down the auto industry because a scrap tire dump caught fire somewhere,” said Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols.

First of all, we’re not talking about a tire dump catching fire.  We’re talking about the tectonic plates around Youngstown (you know the surface of the earth), shifting about because the fracking brine water waste being pumped at the rate of thousands of gallons a day has been acting as some sort of seismological Astroglide.

And we’re not talking about shutting down the entire oil or gas industry.  Don’t be so obtuse.  But what some very reasonable people are suggesting is that when an energy source results in a waste disposal methods that increases the likelihood of damaging earthquakes (something Youngstown has not typically had to concern itself with.)  Perhaps we should take a closer look at it.

It’s kind of a subterfuge to try to distinguish this as not being directly connected to fracking because these quakes were caused by fracking waste pumping and not fracking itself.  After all, why do they call it fracking waste if fracking has nothing to do with it?

A more fitting analogy would be the lexus between nuclear energy and nuclear waste.  After all, it was waste from an energy generating material that is suspected of causing these quakes, not something like a common component of a larger piece of equipment.

But I can understand why Nichols would want to avoid that analogy.  Because it doesn’t suit his purpose.  For the most part, the inability of policy makers to resolve the issue of nuclear waste more so than anything else largely stopped the development of nuclear energy in its tracks in this nation to the point that from 1974 until 2010, there were no new nuclear reactors under construction in the United States.

But Nichols can’t dismissively say the quakes were not caused by fracking, but fracking wastes, without tripping over the obvious issue that there would be no need for the earthquake causing waste wells without fracking.

  • Like my mom says use what the good Lord gave you between your ears and think!!!! Think before you talk. Think before you do. Think!!!!

  • Astroglide? lmao…It clearly doesnt surprise me..Clearly, Kasich only sees money..n the less educated citizens..unfortunately..because maybe they have a job now..will go along because..honestly..they dont understand the whole plate techtonics…n sometimes people believe n take the time to see the truth..when they can see..whats happening..they will easily dismiss the urgency of this matter…by no blame on just amazes me that people will not do the research, go on hearsay..n be talked into whats more or less, screwing them…until THEY SEE…maybe they just dont wanna believe it..I hear alot, ” Not in America..” baffles the mind… 

  • Annekarima

    This whole thing amazes me period.  I am no geologist, but I do know the quality of oil in Ohio is not that good, but the natural gas from it might be what they are after.  There was oil on my dad’s farm when I grew up and oil on the farm next door but it ran out.  One day someone came and painted the storage wells and got some investors to put up some money so this film flam man could run his film flam lease.  He got away with it for awhile.  My dad’s farm was still producing oil.  This strange new tax was put on them.  I think they have since taken that away for farmers.  One day my mom got the oil check, which was much anyway, looked at it and saw a third of it gone to the tax man.  She said, “Oh well.  Easy come, easy go.”

  • I really enjoyed this article. It is always nice when you read some thing that is not only informative but entertaining.

  • Biff Baxter

    People stupid enough to believe that fracking causes earthquakes should voluntarily be sterilized to prevent the further infesting of the local gene-pool.

    How mouth-breathing stupid can an area be?

  • Anonymous

    When we need to know how and why fracking causes earthquakes, we’ll ask the scientists.

    If we need to know about cousin kissing, we’ll seek you out, Biff.

  • Anonymous

    When we need to know how and why fracking causes earthquakes, we’ll ask the scientists.

    If we need to know about cousin kissing, we’ll seek you out, Biff.

  • interesting thoughts

  • Have you noticed how the trolls are the first to get a comment in…and say the craziest things. I always wondered if they got paid by each hit to their comment…now I’m wondering if there is a bonus for the fastest comment. Bet there is a bonus for the most offensive too.

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