By a blowout, the top story of September was our exclusive story about how the Senate GOP caucus had given its top staffers significant raises already this year… in a year in which the GOP was cutting state employment and suggesting that middle class union members had exorbitant pay and benefits.  As the mainstream media began to pick up the story, the Senate GOP caucus approved raises for some Democratic staffers.  Niehaus would try to defend the raises as being consistent with SB 5’s merit pay provision… a spin completely lacking any self-awareness of how politically stupid it was.  He said the retroactive raises were needed to keep the staffers from leaving… for other positions in the public sector… which many of them wound up doing shortly after receiving their retroactive raises.

The second top story of September was a school superintendent’s letter in which he told folks that Governor Kasich said, in talking about SB 5 that “we’re at war with these people [public employees.]”  Kasich denied it and was eventually able to produce a Republican elected official and a Republican voter who supported SB 5 to deny it, but many of what Kasich reportedly said in that meeting would be reiterated in public statements Kasich made about SB 5 to sympathetic audiences and Fox News… but I repeat myself.  Kasich that same month in front of other audiences that defeat of Issue 2 will result in card check in Ohio, making it easier for private employment workplaces to become unionized.  Then Kasich claimed that defeat of Issue 2 could result into another recession.

The General Assembly begins consideration of HB 136—a bill that would take millions out of public schools to fund a statewide voucher program.  The bill is still under consideration, but faces fierce opposition from just about every public school official in the State.

Greg examined the cronyism involved in the selection of Kasich’s hand-picked President of the Ohio Board of Education’s husband to be… the GOP’s hand-picked successor to State Representative Bob Mecklenborg.

Joseph has some fun at Building a Better Ohio’s expense for using a stock photo actor’s portrayal as a police officer for their literature… claiming how the bill benefits actual police officers.

Seriously, that still cracks me up.

Building a Better Ohio touted Toledo Mayor Mike Bell’s personal story as a firefighter and being laid off in its first television ad in the campaign… too bad they omitted that Bell was laid off years before the collective bargaining law SB 5 was designed to roll back existed.

Jennifer Brunner praises Governor John Kasich, and he returns the favor by appointing her.  Meanwhile, Mark Kvamme’s personal life and how it seems to be influencing JobsOhio policies raises even more questions about its lack of accountability and transparency.  Questions that JobsOhio was seemingly designed never to be raised or answered publicly.