Lying Kasich, Zanesville tigers, and bearish behavior by Building a Better Ohio, oh my!

The Zanesville exotic animal tragedy was actually the background of our most read post in October, Tammy Chabria, the wife of close Kasich political aide, Jai Chabria, took to Twitter to attack the police officers who were forced to take down the dangerous animals released into the community as “morons.”  Mrs. Chabria went even further and tried to turn the tragedy into a pro-Issue 2 moment, with juvenile taunts to the We Are Ohio campaign that the tragedy would turn public sentiment in favor of rank and file law enforcement officers against them.

Of course, the number one overall story for the month of October was what we dubbed “Grannygate.”  We were the first media outlet in Ohio to report that Building a Better Ohio ad had modified one of their own ads to splice in footage from a We Are Ohio ad to make it appear that the great-grandmother in that ad, where she endorsed a “no” vote on Issue 2, instead favored a “yes” vote.

While John Kasich was uncharacteristically silent on “Grannygate,” the firefighter involved in the rescue of the great-grandmother’s relatives was not.  As unflattering newspaper stories and editorials began to pile up against Building a Better Ohio’s unprecedented political ad tactic and television stations across the State agreed to not air it, the campaign stupidly dug in its heels in defiance and refused to so much as apologize to the Cincinnati great-grandmother for their ad creating a misleading impression that she supported their campaign.  Not surprisingly, this lead to public opinion polling showing opposition to Issue 2, which had been narrowing the month early, was now growing instead

(Side note: Amazingly, after [SPOILER ALERT:] Issue 2 was defeated, Kasich’s aides attempted to use Mitt Romney’s public waffling and flip flopping on Issue 2 to blame Ohio GOP State Chairman Kevin DeWine for its defeat apparently under the theory that since Mitt Romney has never been known to take inconsistent political positions while chasing the political winds, Romney’s “unprecedented” waffling in Ohio must have been the act of dark magic by Kevin DeWine.  Who is rumored to be one of Kasich’s favored candidates to replace DeWine?  Political consultant Rex Elass, who specializes in creating political ads and purchasing television political ads slots for campaign.  In other words, one of the mostly likely masterminds behind the whole “Grannygate” fiasco.  Ironic, no?)

Our third top story in October was our observation that even the Columbus Dispatch was beginning to report a gulf in Kasich’s political rhetoric about Ohio’s economy and actual objective economic data.

We continued to find video of Governor Kasich telling some outright whoppers about Ohio public employees in a desperate effort to save Issue 2 from certain defeat.  Of course, it doesn’t count because Kasich told those lies on Fox News.  It was probably a condition of his appearance.  Even worse, we caught SB 5’s author Shannon Jones telling some pretty outrageous whoppers about her bill, too.

Building a Better Ohio actually began the month with an ad that tried to make it appear that there was a significant divide among teachers over Issue 2 by running an ad with a teacher endorsing it that intentionally omitted that the teacher in it was a Republican county party chairman and the organizer of the 2010 Kasich campaign’s failed “Teachers for Kasich” organization.  But it was not just the messenger that was flawed, so were his “factual” claims about SB 5.

In other words, Kasich and the Building a Better Ohio had a really rough month in October.   Boy, it’s a good thing a really important election wasn’t right around the corner, right?