As we hit July, the hottest story continued to be State Rep Bob Mecklenborg’s drunken arrest with a stripper near a casino in Indiana. At the beginning of the month we published the dashcam video and later we revealed, through records obtained by PB from the BMV, that Mecklengborg lied on his driver license application, failing to report the outstanding violation in Indiana.

Two days later he announced his resignation.

As the Mecklenborg story was coming to a close, State Senator Kris Jordan’s domestic abuse investigation started to take the spotlight. On July 17th we broke the story of his Melissa Jordan’s 911 call – and the following day we published the audio where she reveals she was pushed around by Kris was drunk and that this isn’t the first time.

Brian discovered and posted a video of Jordan telling a crowd that he and his wife bought guns for each other the previous Christmas. The same day the Jordan’s issued a joint statement saying they were praying to get their marriage back in order.

The Jordan story continued well into August and we were there with more video (stay tuned!), but as the month closed, yet another Republican Legislator’s drunken debauchery came to light when Jarrod Martin was pulled over for a DUI, opening the floodgates for reporters to discover all of his previous, alcohol-fueled missteps including the time his mommy had to pick him up after being kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and having a “friendly wrestling match” with a bunch of dudes.

Kasich was still front and center in July as well, using his veto power to screw over lobbyists who backed the wrong horse, acting like an ass after getting his budget passed and urging the kids to serve God at a public school graduation ceremony.

Republicans included huge tax breaks for oil companies in their budget.

Lynn Wachtmann sponsored a bill that allowed massive, unregulated withdrawals of water from Lake Erie, a bill that would have directly benefited his own water bottling company.

OBM confirmed that Strickland’s last budget ended up with nearly $1 billion left over.

And Greg made the case that Ohio Republic leaders had effectively kicked any self-identifying Republican teachers or other public employees out of the party.

Education, Kris Jordan, FOP Endorsements and the fight over SB5 heats up as we head into August…