June kicked off with Greg testifying before the Ohio Senate on teacher retesting provisions in the budget and the millions of dollars it could cost teachers.

The month ended with June’s top story and the most popular post of the year: the DUI arrest of State Rep Robert Mecklenborg and the exclusive Plunderbund revelation that the young lady with whom he was arrested likely worked at the nearby strip club (the stripper story was actually the top story of the entire year!)

In between, lots of other exciting stuff also happened:

  • We Are Ohio turned in nearly 1.3 Million signatures to get the SB5 referendum on the ballot.
  • Obama beat Kasich on the golf course.
  • Ohio Senate Republicans tried to circumvent Ohio’s constitutional minimum wage requirements.
  • SB5-Author Shannon Jones tweeted about her disdain for work and her love of “‘ritas”.
  • Ken Blackwell claimed watching Elmo can lead boys to grow up to be gay prom queens.
  • People started talking about compromise as it started to become clear that Kasich and his pals had absolutely no chance of winning a referendum vote on SB5.
  • Kasich and Republicans in the legislature strengthened their attacks on Women’s reproductive rights.
  • Public records revealed that Bob Evans never had an offer letter to leaving us wondering why they were given $8 Million in incentives to move their headquarters 20 miles from Columbus to New Albany.
  • And John Kasich paid a consultant $15 Million to help strike a deal with casinos and racetracks that ended up bringing in $215 Million LESS than the deal Governor Strickland proposed, effectively screwing the state out of nearly a quarter of a Billion dollars in a deal the conservative-leaning American Policy Roundtable called “political corruption”

For Republican legislators in Ohio, June’s legal problems turned out to be just to be just the beginning of their troubles. July found them facing full-on political disaster as the Mecklenborg scandal blew up nationally and two other well-known Republicans found themselves in drunken run-ins with the law…

  • Anonymous

    I think you meant 1/4 of BILLION.

    Yeah, Ohio has a big For Sale sign on it and since Kasich is in bed with big business he is just giving our assets away.

  • Anonymous

    I think you meant 1/4 of BILLION.

    Yeah, Ohio has a big For Sale sign on it and since Kasich is in bed with big business he is just giving our assets away.

  • Great psot really best thisings!

  • Yes! Thanks. Fixed.

  • Anonymous

    It literally astounds me that these clowns never stop coming up with the most asinine and bizarre scams to further their own interests.  Evan the most obscene of politicians know when to back off, unless they are Ohio’s motley crew of pirates.  Privatize the prisons, privatize the turnpike, privatize the state legislature guards – I am surprised Kasich has not yet demanded that we privatize the Governor’s office.  On second thought, he still has 3 more years to go and who knows what he will come up with next.  “The voters of Ohio have spoken, and I will listen (until tomorrow morning)”.

  • Rgtmwlly

    Wasn’t this also the month that liberal icon Anthony Weiner went down in flames for tweeting pictures of his genitals to women he didn’t know?

    (hint: it was)

    At least he handled that situation really well.

    Gotta love the Democrats.

  • ^ Quick, Modern. Edit your December review post to include the most off-topic comment of the year.

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