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Plunderbund 2011 in review: June

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June kicked off with Greg testifying before the Ohio Senate on teacher retesting provisions in the budget and the millions of dollars it could cost teachers.

The month ended with June’s top story and the most popular post of the year: the DUI arrest of State Rep Robert Mecklenborg and the exclusive Plunderbund revelation that the young lady with whom he was arrested likely worked at the nearby strip club (the stripper story was actually the top story of the entire year!)

In between, lots of other exciting stuff also happened:

We Are Ohio turned […]

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Plunderbund 2011 in review: May

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Greg kicked off May with one of the top posts of the month titled Mr. Governor, Shut This School District Down!. The post highlighted the horrible performance and excessive costs of ECOT, along with the $12 Million+ a year in state funds its founder, William Lager, is raking in by selling services and software to the school.

Brian quickly followed up, noting that Kasich, after spending months railing and threatening teachers and their unions, declared May 1st through 7th Teacher Appreciation week.

From a readership perspective, those posts were number 2 and 3 respectively for the month of […]

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It was no April Fools Day joke.

Governor John Kasich publicly came out and suggested the legislature re-pass Senate Bill 5 in piecemeal fashion and sprinkling its provisions throughout the State budget.  Speaker Batchelder initially publicly supported the idea.  The only reason to do such a legislative manuever would be to frustrate the folks working to put SB 5 to a referendum vote by the people by forcing them to attempt multiple campaigns in the hopes that some would fail (either to get the provision on the ballot or on election day.)

Eventually, public opposition to the […]

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