As we begin compiling our year-end lists here at Plunderbund, I thought I would kick it off with a review of some of my favorite videos from 2011. The videos below run the gamut from laugh-your-ass-off funny (the “You’re an Asshole” Kasich video) to depressing as hell (Kris Jordan’s domestic violence dashcam video).

I did my best to include the important ones in here, but if you think we missed one (which we likely did) then please let us know in the comments and we’ll get it added!

And please check back later tonight – and all week – for reviews of the year’s top posts and stories and for 2012 predictions.

As always: Thanks for reading Plunderbund!


January 5, 2011: Mistakes

January, 2011: Kasich’s Idiot Cop Comments

March 1st, 2011: Anti-SB5 Rally at the Statehouse

March 3rd, 2011: American’s for Prosperity trains Tea Party activists on how to support SB5

March 9th, 2011: Plunderbund Interview IAFF President Harold Schaitberger

March 9th, 2011: IAFF President Harold Schaitberger speaks to local members before the Statehouse Rally

March 9th, 2011: IAFF and union leadership march up Broad street to the Statehouse Rally

March 27, 2011: Not ours, but totally worth sharing: I’m an asshole, staring John Kasich

March 31, 2011: Kasich lies about public bill signing for SB5

May 12, 2011: Kasich goes to the BMV to get his driver’s license and thing some poor guy’s girlfriend is his mother! (NOTE: This one also wasn’t ours but 1. it’s awesome and 2. I think we helped promote it so I’m including it anyway)

July 1, 2011: Dashcam of the Robert Mecklenborg’s Arrest

July 11th, 2011: Kasich speaks to ECOT graduating class, gives them the “gift” of faith

August 15, 2011: Dashcam Part 1 of the Kris Jordan Domestic Violence Incident

Augustt 16, 2011: Dashcam Part 2 of the Kris Jordan Domestic Violence Incident

August 19, 2011: Kasich and crew stage a fake meeting, pretending to wait for the unions to ‘negotiate’ on SB5

July 20, 2011: Video of Kris Jordan discussing the gun his wife got him for Christmas in 2009, two years before she calls 911 after he drunkenly threatens her with a gun

September 3, 2011: Superintendent Hefner responds to a question about Greg’s unofficial “List”

October 16, 2011: Extended Kasich Traffic Stop Video

October 23, 2011: Shannon Jones lies about “Same Exact Language” in SB5

November 28, 2011: Kasich Proclaims he doesn’t read Ohio’s newspapers (From Marc Kovac at Capitol Blog)