According to Josh Mandel’s official biography on the Ohio Treasurer’s website:

Treasurer Mandel holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Ohio State University, a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University, and completed the Investment Decisions & Behavioral Finance program at Harvard University.

So this program at Harvard must be pretty special for Mandel to have included it on his resume, right?

mmm… not so much.

According to their website, the program is an “intensive two-day seminar” that costs $4000 to attend.

So why would the Treasurer of the State of Ohio list a 2 day seminar on his resume?

Maybe it’s because his actual education provided him zero experience that would qualify him for his job.

Any hiring manager reviewing his resume would have quickly tossed it in the trash after seeing only an undergrad degree from OSU in Journalism and Communications and a two day seminar in finance in addition to his law degree.

A two day seminar, even at Harvard, does NOT equate to a degree in finance or even to real world experience. Josh has neither. Josh knows his experience doesn’t qualify him to be responsible for managing Ohio’s investments so he’s chosen to pad his resume to make it look like he does.

So yes, Josh Mandel did “go” to Harvard – for 2 days. If that’s all it takes to put something on your resume, then I’ve got ALL KINDS of qualifications I have been failing to list for years…

  • Didn’t Christine O’Donnell, former Republican senate candidate, make some claims about her educational background?  Why didn’t Mandel take the law boards?  Is this another example of how he doesn’t finish what he starts?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he could go to Yale locksmith school as well.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he could go to Yale locksmith school as well.

  • Rgtmwlly

    He also is a member of Columbia House record club, uses Colgate toothpaste, has Brown hair, and wears Oxford shirts.

    I made a funny.

    Oh yeah, and he is going to win.

  • Polling seems to indicate otherwise (Brown +15).

  • Dmoore2222

    Republicans are very good at inflating things.

  • Johnholmes

    In all fairness, Kevin Boyce wasn’t qualified for the job either.

  •   You’re joshing, right?

  • Anonymous

    We couldn’t be that stupid, could we?

  • I like slamming this guy for being an inexperienced Republican apparatchik as much as the next guy, but to be honest…and you should…he’s roughly as qualified for the position as most politicians. He’s *at least* as qualified as Sherrod Brown was when he got into politics, as his undergraduate was in fricking Russian studies, with a 2-year masters of “public administration” papered over it.

  • He’s currently projected to lose by 8-10% by *all* polls. You’re dreamin’…

  • I would say a masters in public admin is qualifying enough for a politician, but Mandel is a treasurer. Even my schoo; treasurer has to have certifications out the wazoo..

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