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The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote on Friday that Teach for America will receive more than $2 million to bring their corps members to Northeast Ohio schools next fall.  The funding will come from the ClevelandGeorge GundNord and Stocker foundations, along with a contribution from the Lennon Trust, and will pay for the national program to recruit and train college graduates who majored in subjects other than education and help them move to the area.

According to Teach for America vice president Mike Wang who is working to bring the program to the region, the money will help bring at […]

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So Josh Mandel went to Harvard?

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According to Josh Mandel’s official biography on the Ohio Treasurer’s website:

Treasurer Mandel holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Ohio State University, a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University, and completed the Investment Decisions & Behavioral Finance program at Harvard University.

So this program at Harvard must be pretty special for Mandel to have included it on his resume, right?

mmm… not so much.

According to their website, the program is an “intensive two-day seminar” that costs $4000 to attend.

So why would the Treasurer of the State of Ohio list a 2 day seminar on […]

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