From the daily archives: Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stan Heffner, corruptible leader.  Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction has insulted the intelligence of Ohioans once again.  In an effort to convince people that he knows what he’s doing, he took the stage this week and told an audience of Charter School advocates that Ohio’s academic standards are “no longer good enough.” The Columbus Dispatch titled their article about the event:

Throughout the speech, Heffner cast blame on “the system” and implied that Ohio has rested on its laurels for far too long.

“The entire (state) system is focused on minimum competence, and […]

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In a press conference this week, State Rep. Matt Huffman suggested dramatic alterations to the components of his school voucher proposal, House Bill 136.  The changes are so significant, in fact, that he even stated that he believes that the bill will should be re-introduced as new legislation instead of trying to revamp HB136 after it has already passed the House Education Committee. At the Monday press conference, Huffman stated:

These are significant changes to this program.  I don’t think that it’s appropriate to simply try to do this as a floor amendment to the bill.  I’m working […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer’s story this morning on yesterday’s Ohio jobs report for November points out the same issues I did in this post yesterday—the unemployment rate dropped .5%, which sounds impressive, but it was almost totally due to Ohioans dropping out of the workforce entirely, and not due to the modest gain of 6,000-7,000 new jobs (depending on which survey you examined.)

Most of the result is people leaving the workforce. We’ve seen this at the national level, and now we’re seeing it at the state level,” said George Vredeveld, director of the University of Cincinnati’s Economic Center […]

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