From the daily archives: Friday, December 16, 2011

Economists at The Ohio State University conclude that while widespread fracking of the Utica Shale gas deposits in Ohio will create jobs in Ohio, the actual number is more likely one-tenth of the numbers cited by the gas industry and its proponents like Governor Kasich:

"Previous studies on the economic impacts of natural gas appear to have widely overstated the economic impacts," the new OSU report notes.

"This is not surprising, as these studies are typically industry-funded, and industry-funded studies are usually not the best sources of information for economic effects," regardless of the industry, according to […]

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Two Republican staff members received a combined $210,000 to serve for three months has the secretaries for the Legislative Task Force on Redistricting. While it was assumed that both staff members would serve in their positions as state employees, instead the Republican members of the Task Force entered into contracts with their respective private companies and paid them $105,000 a piece.

Documents included in the Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report show that both Heather Mann and Ray DiRossi entered into contracts with the Task Force to be paid $105,000 a piece. Republican members on the task force entered into […]

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Over the past couple of weeks we have delved into the minds of John Kasich and his education experts to try to understand their rationale behind the school ranking criteria they adopted into law in House Bill 153 (budget bill).  We found nothing.  However, the absence of any informed or coherent education-related legislation coming from our GOP-owned General Assembly should not be surprising to any Ohioan after this volatile year.

Still, we have finalized our version of the state rankings as we have discussed described them in our previous posts:

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Today, the Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services released the November jobs report, showing Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped .5% down to 8.5%, dropping with the national rate which had also dropped from 9% to 8.6%.  This brings Ohio’s rate to essentially where it was in May and April of this year.  Seriously.

Still, a .5% drop is a sign that things are improving in Ohio right?  Yes, so long as that’s the only thing in the jobs report you actually bother to look at.  If you actually look at the reason why Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped, you’d […]

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Or as I like to call it, how NOT to defend yourself under allegations that you are a racist.

This is the sign outside of the swimming pool at a property Cincinnati landlord Jamie Hein rents out.

According to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Ms. Hein put the sign up after claiming that the chemical in a tenant’s African-American daughter’s hair made the water cloudy.  Ms. Hein, however, told ABC News its all a big misunderstanding, and is asking the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to reconsider its ruling saying it got the facts wrong.

First, she claims […]

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