As the Republicans in the legislature haggle among themselves on how they’re going to reunify the federal and state candidate primaries next year, I keep wondering when are we going to see some official action by the legislature to appropriate money and grant the authority for the State to send an early ballot application to every registered Ohio voter.  Remember that?

In order to prevent the Cuyahoga County government from paying to send an early ballot application to every registered voter in the county (as it has done in prior elections) for this year’s elections on Issue 2, the Republican legislative leadership reached a deal with Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald.  If Fitzgerald would drop the county’s effort to send absentee ballot requests to Cuyahoga County voters this year, the GOP legislative leadership committed to mailing out an early ballot application to every registered voter in Ohio for the 2012 general election.

I mean, I know at the time the GOP cited federal money to pay for this proposal (which begs the question then why haven’t we done this EVERY general election, then), but right now there’s been no explicit legislative authority for the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to do what the GOP promised.  In the three months since this deal was announced, I’ve seen no public action by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted or the GOP legislative leadership to take any official action to meet their obligations under the deal, and I am not sure what recourse Ed Fitzgerald has if the GOP fails to live up to their end of the bargain.

Maybe some enterprising member of the Ohio House or Senate should propose statutory authorization for the Secretary of State to mail out early ballot applications to all registered Ohioans for the 2012 general election as an amendment to the pending primary ballot legislation.  Just a thought.

Because it sure seems like the GOP legislative leadership lost all interest in this deal once Cuyahoga County committed to not making it easier for its residents to vote early when Issue 2 was still on the ballot.

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  • that is an amazing post! i really like it!

  • Rushpubliscums are still trying to figure out how to make lineage going back to the Mayflower the criteria for voting AT ALL.

  • Anastasjoy

    They better be careful because Ed FitzGerald is not going to let this slide. He’s a big proponent of taking politics out of elections.

  • Dmoore2222

    They’re scared. Aside from sidesteppiing this particular issue, going back to a single primary is evidence they looked real bad wanting to spend another $15 million taxpayer dollars. This from the party that blathers about efficiencies in government. The Issue 2 whacking they took has got them dumbfounded and petrified of another voter uprising. And Kasich playing nice over drug testing for welfare recipients is another indication of their fear. Since when has this heartless con man ever been concerned about welfare folks in any way. They need to be reminded daily that every thing they do is being heavily scrutinized and will be challenged. Crawling on hands and knees into the November elections would be a fitting posture for these macho pretenders.

  • Adrienne

    Sure, but they lie. They lie so that they can get their way to screw everyone later. They are like teenagers. They open their mouths and no truth comes out.

    Why do people vote for them again?

  • Anonymous

    I thought the deal was that Husted would be using federal moneys and no OH legislative involvement was necessary.

  • Anonymous

    I think Kasich wants to buy a lab first to do the drug testing, that way he can benefit financially like Gov. Rick Scott’s wife did in Florida.

  • Rgrace44223

    This is all over the internet, pages and pages of it. It took me 15 minutes to locate this guy and nail down the fact that he was mostly in administration and ended his career as a superintendent in Sacramento CA, of course, the article never mentions this and infers that the guy was only a teacher at the top of the paragraph. Turns out you can’t comment on AP drivel and there is no way to email the author. Very tidy. This piece of trash has already been featured on the Drudge Report and several television “news” programs. Now I know how a big lie gets traction.

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