So the Senate Republicans decide to block the nomination of former Attorney General Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Board because the Senate minority wants the rest of Congress and the President to water down an agency the majority of Congress created and but for their nomination hostage-taking, the Republican lack to the votes to pass the changes the major banks financing this political exortion scheme demands.  Just as he failed as a member of the “Super Committee,”  Ohio’s freshman senator, Rob Portman, who ran on a campaign of being able to get things done in Washington, voted party over the State.   Virtually nobody, Portman especially, can find anything to criticize about Cordray as the pick.  The entire nomination fight is nothing more than a political proxy fight over how much oversight do the major banks warrant.

If confirmed by the Senate, Cordray would be expected to serve a five-year term.  As the first confirmed director for this major new agency, it would be difficult for Cordray to walk away early, and he actually disowned any interest in running for public office in Ohio if appointed.

But thanks to the Senate Republicans’ obstructionism, everyone with a pulse in Washington fully expects Obama to appoint Cordray as a recess appointment at his earliest opportunity.  That means that Cordray can only serve until the end of 2012, unless he is reappointed (and then we restart the entire confirmation circus anew.)

If I were a Republican that cared about John Kasich’s political fortunes, I’d reconsider this path.

I mean, I’m not sure if I were a Republican I’d want Rich Cordray looking for work in early 2013 because that gives him time and motivation to gear up a 2014 campaign for Governor.  Cordray was well respected by the editorial boards as Treasurer and Attorney General, and the partisan ugliness has generated some sympathy with Cordray as well. 

Even before the Occupation Wall Street movement, Ohio has long been a State where economic populism sells well.   Kasich might even be more vulnerable as Governorto attack from a populism viewpoint than he was when he was stuck with just the Lehman Brothers label, too.

Cordray was already on most people’s watch list for the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate list already.  What the Senate Republicans may have done is make a Corday for Governor ’14 inevitable now.

Nice thinkin’, Ray.

  • Demydo

    Rob Portman and the rest of his buddies will not be reelected and they have to know it.  They are going to do as much damage as possible while the reins are in their hands.  What do they have to lose?  They’ve already lost and we are losers too while they are filling their pockets to the brim.  

  • 2014? Oh, my. Living under the oppressive thumb of  King Kasich of the  Tainted Tea is a torturous eternity… surviving eight years of Baby Bush was easy in comparison.

  • YES! 

  • Anonymous

    I think Senator Corday has nice ring to it.

  • Anonymous

    Since Cordray’s stay in the CFPB will likely be short, have him start his ’14 run for Senate against Portman a year early.

    With the abundance of smart, articulate, and politically- savvy women in the Democratic Party, if now isn’t the time to have one of them as our candidate for Governor, when will it be?

  • very nice post!

  • Looky Here

    What makes you think the Republicans didn’t fully consider this?

  • jason

    I understand Plunderbund focuses mainly on the State level, but some attention has to be paid to the unproductive obstructionism that is going on at the Federal level by the Republicans, aided in no small measure by Senator Portman.  Any situation that arises where a Party filibusters cabinet and judiciary appointments simply because they do not like the candidate or indeed even the office in question is despicable.  Why is more not made of this?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not actually willing to take a bet that Portman is vulnerable come 2016 yet.

  • Anonymous

    We used to be 180-degrees.  But then we realized that there’s a ton of national blogs out there, but little local.  We’re making an effort to cover more federally, but with a decidedly Ohio angle.

    Give us time.  Kasich is blogger fodder that’s hard to cut back on…

  • Anonymous

    Except that Portman isn’t up for re-election until 2016.

    Don’t read this post as necessarily an endorsement of Cordray for Governor.  I’m not weighing in on a field that doesn’t exist yet.

    My only point is Cordray is the kind of candidate you’d expect the GOP scheme to frustrate his ability to run in 2014, not make it easier.

  • Adrienne

    Why would Rob Portman care about Prince John?
    The R’s only care about themselves and their evil rich 1% masters who can buy the election for them.

    They don’t care about us, Ohio or the country let alone their party. Their party is just a means to get elected so that they can rob us and wreck stuff and get rich by becoming a lobbyist ala evil Newt.

    I appreciate that the statewide R’s are the gift that keeps on giving as far as creating fodder for discussion.

    Why do people vote for R’s?

  • exfloridateacher

    Perhaps Portman did this to spite Jonnycakes? Does anyone know who he sides with? Johnny or the GOP chair?

  • Demydo

    And  the Koch Brothers and ALEC.  Koch Bros. and ALEC are taking advantage of the majority in the House while the House is filibustering anything put forth by the President/Senate.  Vicious cycle/spin.  Money talks and ALEC is setting the stage for legislative presentation of bills in our states’ legislative bodies  and our federal legislative body .  We don’t have to guess who’s in control; money.  Wall Street Protestors need a leader like Martin Luther King.  They are effective by getting the attention of the press, 50% negative, but the attention is there.  SB5 appeal is a great example of winning through organization.  There are no easy answers to the debacle this country is in but voting does work and the day will come when these obstacles will be removed.

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