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Today’s release of a report by the Ohio Campaign for Accountable Redistricting and a cadre of good-government groups including Ohio Citizen Action and the League of Women of Voters about Ohio’s overly partisan and laughable redistricting effort is almost as telling as the predictable Republican response to it.

On Friday, when the report was first announced, Ohio House GOP Caucus Communication Mike Dittoe was defiant, defending the GOP’s handling of reapportionment as the model of transparency by citing the regional public meetings held, the first of the kind in the process.  The GOP communication apparatus also pointed out […]

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According to the Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report released this afternoon, Republican lawmakers at the state house implemented a strategy of deliberate secrecy to withhold information from the public about redistricting efforts. The documents paint a picture of lawmakers who purposely operated in a legal gray area to prevent their actions from ever being made public.

For months, Republican lawmakers and staff meet in secret to work on redistricting efforts in possible violation of Ohio’s open meetings law. The documents show a Republican party that are so obsessed with privacy that they used taxpayer dollars to rent a secret hotel […]

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How long does it take to gerrymander a congressional district? It seems the short answer is: about 8 minutes.

If you have any doubt about the sincerety or correctness of the claims of gerrymandering made by Ohio’s Democrats against their Republican counterparts responsible for redrawing our state’s congressional maps, then you must read the report put out by Ohio Citizen Action this morning.

The Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report documents some amazing, unbelievable, thoroughly disgusting, and likely-illegal activities involving those responsible for redrawing Ohio’s congressional districts.

It’s a long report, but worth every second you’ll spend reading it.

We’re going […]

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Nice thinking, Ray…

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So the Senate Republicans decide to block the nomination of former Attorney General Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Board because the Senate minority wants the rest of Congress and the President to water down an agency the majority of Congress created and but for their nomination hostage-taking, the Republican lack to the votes to pass the changes the major banks financing this political exortion scheme demands.  Just as he failed as a member of the “Super Committee,”  Ohio’s freshman senator, Rob Portman, who ran on a campaign of being able to get things done in Washington, voted […]

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