State superintendent Stan Heffner is really making the rounds lately.  On November 14, Heffner presented to the Ohio School Board Association with a PowerPoint titled Renewing Ohio’s Place in the World.  The third slide in to his presentation was remarkably Kasich-ian in appearance, while the fourth slide had a strange sense of irony about Kasich’s efforts.

Slide #3

Heffner’s talking point: “Since 2000, Ohio has lost over half a million jobs. Students today are depending on our teachers, principals, and school leaders to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.  Good enough is no longer good enough.”

Slide #4

Heffner’s talking point: “These jobs will not come back.  The jobs our students will get will be the ones they create. For Ohio students to be competitive, they need to have a strong knowledge and skill base.”

The only place we have seen job loss statistics like this are in John Kasich-funded commercials.  And the fourth slide is like some ultra-depressing reality-check and/or admission of some unspoken truth about our future.

Then last week, Heffner was the Opening Keynote Speaker for the Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools’ annual conference.  By all accounts, his inspiring speech was little more than a series of ultra-critical talking points delivered to an audience with blinders on during which the superintendent heavily criticized the less-than-accountable public-fund-draining institutions of lower-learning.  At the end, however, he fully endorsed all of their work.

And next week, clear your schedule!  The Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA) is hosting “The Mohican Institute – A Think Tank for Superintendents.” The stated mission of BASA is to inspire and support its members, develop exemplary school system leaders and advocate for public education. So in order to fulfill that mission, BASA is running out a lineup of Tea Party and Charter School speakers to this exclusive event limited to the first 50 registrants.

  • Tom Zawistowksi, President – Ohio Liberty Council
  • Stan Heffner
  • Bill Sims, President and Chief Executive Officer –  Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  • Terry Ryan, Vice President for Ohio Programs and Policy – Thomas B. Fordham Institute (Formidable charter school proponents)

As you can see from the BASA agenda, the discussion will be Tea, Tea, and more Tea, with bottomless glasses of Charter School Flavor Aid.

And our state superintendent will be right in the middle of it all, promoting his own Tea Party agenda.

We’re not done with Stan just yet, friends.  The man’s jaw-dropping hypocrisy goes back much further than this.



  • Anonymous

    Gee, and I thought he was a PUBLIC employee!  Actually, I have never had any doubt about the loyalties of Kasich’s appointees, they are all “yes” men (or “yes” women) who will follow the weasel’s money line to hell and take as much as they can get as long as it lasts. 
    When I was youngster the republican’s “fright line” was that when the communists got control they would assign people to different schools and train them to be factory workers, field hands or party line leaders as determined by the party committee as in the best interest of the state, thus eliminating the opportunity for people to determine their own destiny.  Does Heffner’s policy seem like ‘déjà vu’ to anyone besides me?
    Some how, Kasich just seems to me like an Orwellian villain in a creepy novel.  These twerps belong to fiction, not to reality. 

  • That list of speakers is very strange.  If superintendents have other meetings offered, some will take a chance on those rather than listen to tea party propaganda.  I suggest that teachers contact their superintendents and warn them of the type of agenda that is planned.  This would give their district leader a chance to duck out, have an important phone call, or have a previous engagement. Tea party leaders are NOT friends of public education.  People must stand up and refuse to listen to this propaganda.  Are there any OCCUPY people out there that could do some “mic” checks?

  • Dmoore2222

    Why on earth is the TEA Party mentioned at all in this agenda? Do they have forums for the socialist party or the communist party as well? Even forums citing republican or democratic parties would be innappropriate for public school leaders who are supposed to be non-partisan representatives of their districts.

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