From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We get A LOT of press releases sent to us. And we don’t typically post them in full. But I thought this letter sent to Bill Batchelder by 38 Boards of Elections Members was worth making an exception.

As you may have heard, Republicans in the state legislature are planning to hold two primaries next year at a cost of $15 million each!

The first primary, in March, will be for state legislative candidates, based on the districts approved by the apportionment board. And the second primary, in June, will be for congressional candidates and the presidential primary. […]

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In the heat of the moment, with tempers flaring and anger unchecked, people can often reveal things they wouldn’t otherwise say out loud. Recent comments from Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine appear to provide a perfect example.

With the well-known rift between DeWine and John Kasich continuing to get nastier and more public by the day, and with more and more pressure on DeWine coming from Kasich, Batchelder and their newly-rich lobbyist friends, the ORP chairman finally came forward on Friday and admitted something Plunderbund has been saying since John first expressed interest in running for Governor: Kasich […]

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