As you may have heard, John Kasich proudly declared last week that he doesn’t read any of Ohio’s newspapers because they don’t give him “an uplifting experience.”

In a Dispatch article the very next day he discussed reading something in, yes, The Dispatch. He later corrected this, saying he’d just seen the headline somewhere – not actually in the newspaper.

It turns out this isn’t the first time Kasich has discussed reading newspapers.

Back in August, 2010 the Dispatch asked all the candidates a series of questions ranging from favorite drinks to favorite sports heroes. They also included a question about the news:

Question from the Dispatch: Where do you get most of your news?

Answer from John Kasich: Newspapers

  • Anonymous

    He may have been lying at that time, too.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he stopped reading after taking the governor’s office. After all, most of his coverage hasn’t been exactly positive due to his dipshit behavior. He achieved national ridicule for his comment about not reading newspapers. Hope the dolts who voted for Lehman Boy are proud.

  • Anonymous

    That was probably before his name and his policies were plastered all over them.

    He is so like Scott Walker it’s amazing. Neither one of them can handle being criticized. How does one go through life not acknowledging that other people have opinions that differ from their own.

    But then again, it seems like it is a necessary trait theses days if you are a Repub/Tealican running for office,

  • Anonymous

    If he gets most of his news from newspapers, but rarely reads newspapers, he gets a VERY limited sense of the news. For once, his bullsh*t isn’t contradictory.

  • Adrienne

    Was he lying then or lying when now?

    Doesn’t matter; he’s evil and we are stuck with him.

  • I wonder if anyone in the Governor’s office has shown him what the internet is.  I hope they tell him it’s a series of tubes, like the thing at the bank that takes your paper and zips it off to the teller.

  • Supports you in this!

  • Dmoore2222

    Arrogant people like him never think they need to learn anything be it from a newspaper or any other source. They think they have all the answers and are always right. There’s no reason to believe he’ll behave any differently despite all of the really critical issues he’ll be facing in the next three years. This is exactly like the W. Bush years.

  • Anonymous

    Repug Family Values= Lie, Cheat and Steal. They are better than us, their God told them so.

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