From the monthly archives: December 2011

As the Youngstown Vindicator reported today, the Youngstown area had not had a recorded earthquake before St. Patrick’s Day this year (the real one, not the one Kasich declared.)  Today’s Vindy says that the area has had ten alone.

Some in the area believe the earthquakes are being caused due to fracking-related activity in the region:

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has found no conclusive link between the earthquakes and the D&L Energy Inc. brine-injection well on Ohio Works Drive in Youngstown, but on Friday ordered the well to cease operations until the bottom 250 feet of […]

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Issue 2 was defeated with over 60% of the vote.  More Ohioans voted to repeal SB 5 than people who voted for Kasich a year earlier.   Turnout was a historic high for an off-year election, and only 2% less than in 2010.

Seriously, I could just stop writing here.  That was the story of November and the political story of the year in Ohio.

In fact, our top stories in November dealt with almost exclusively the post-Issue 2 political world in Ohio:

Jason had the top post for the month discussing how Kasich kind of won despite the […]

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Lying Kasich, Zanesville tigers, and bearish behavior by Building a Better Ohio, oh my!

The Zanesville exotic animal tragedy was actually the background of our most read post in October, Tammy Chabria, the wife of close Kasich political aide, Jai Chabria, took to Twitter to attack the police officers who were forced to take down the dangerous animals released into the community as “morons.”  Mrs. Chabria went even further and tried to turn the tragedy into a pro-Issue 2 moment, with juvenile taunts to the We Are Ohio campaign that the tragedy would turn public sentiment in […]

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine approved the language of the “Personhood Amendment” yesterday morning, moving one step closer to putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot next fall that would effectively make a fertilized egg a “person” under Ohio law.

Despite the attempts to produce reasonable-sounding language for the proposed amendment, anyone who gives it two minutes of serious thought will quickly see its flaws. This amendment would result in a legal nightmare (can you imagine being sued by your own unfertilized egg??), it would have huge, negative impacts on Ohio’s health care industry, tie the hands of doctors […]

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By a blowout, the top story of September was our exclusive story about how the Senate GOP caucus had given its top staffers significant raises already this year… in a year in which the GOP was cutting state employment and suggesting that middle class union members had exorbitant pay and benefits.  As the mainstream media began to pick up the story, the Senate GOP caucus approved raises for some Democratic staffers.  Niehaus would try to defend the raises as being consistent with SB 5’s merit pay provision… a spin completely lacking any self-awareness of how politically […]

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The top (most read) post in August was Greg’s post that explained how over 6,000 teachers were going to be forced to retake the PRAXIS exam thanks to Governor Kasich and State Superintendant Stan Heffner, whom we filed a complaint against with the Ohio Ethics Commission because Heffner was advocating to the legislature this very teacher retesting policy… while planning to take a job with the company that administers the test and which stood to gain thousands in new revenue thanks to the policy.

The biggest story of the month was Kasich’s public relations stunt to leak to […]

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According to a report released by the Ohio Board of Regents, 41% of Ohio’s high school graduates who enroll in one of Ohio’s public colleges need remedial coursework.  These students are not “college-ready” according to the report.  They are not “college-ready” according to Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro.  They are not “college-ready” according to Ohio Schools Superintendent Stan Heffner.  They are not “college-ready” because that is precisely what the colleges are telling us.  According to the report, the remedial course placement policies vary across colleges in Ohio, resulting in inconsistent results in the data.  And as we unpack the […]

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Plunderbund 2011 in review: July

On December 29, 2011 By

As we hit July, the hottest story continued to be State Rep Bob Mecklenborg’s drunken arrest with a stripper near a casino in Indiana. At the beginning of the month we published the dashcam video and later we revealed, through records obtained by PB from the BMV, that Mecklengborg lied on his driver license application, failing to report the outstanding violation in Indiana.

Two days later he announced his resignation.

As the Mecklenborg story was coming to a close, State Senator Kris Jordan’s domestic abuse investigation started to take the spotlight. On July 17th we broke the […]

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Plunderbund 2011 in review: June

On December 28, 2011 By

June kicked off with Greg testifying before the Ohio Senate on teacher retesting provisions in the budget and the millions of dollars it could cost teachers.

The month ended with June’s top story and the most popular post of the year: the DUI arrest of State Rep Robert Mecklenborg and the exclusive Plunderbund revelation that the young lady with whom he was arrested likely worked at the nearby strip club (the stripper story was actually the top story of the entire year!)

In between, lots of other exciting stuff also happened:

We Are Ohio turned […]

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Plunderbund 2011 in review: May

On December 28, 2011 By

Greg kicked off May with one of the top posts of the month titled Mr. Governor, Shut This School District Down!. The post highlighted the horrible performance and excessive costs of ECOT, along with the $12 Million+ a year in state funds its founder, William Lager, is raking in by selling services and software to the school.

Brian quickly followed up, noting that Kasich, after spending months railing and threatening teachers and their unions, declared May 1st through 7th Teacher Appreciation week.

From a readership perspective, those posts were number 2 and 3 respectively for the month of […]

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It was no April Fools Day joke.

Governor John Kasich publicly came out and suggested the legislature re-pass Senate Bill 5 in piecemeal fashion and sprinkling its provisions throughout the State budget.  Speaker Batchelder initially publicly supported the idea.  The only reason to do such a legislative manuever would be to frustrate the folks working to put SB 5 to a referendum vote by the people by forcing them to attempt multiple campaigns in the hopes that some would fail (either to get the provision on the ballot or on election day.)

Eventually, public opposition to the […]

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