From the monthly archives: November 2011

The Ohio House of Representatives is supposed to be the “people’s house.”  Elected every two years, it’s intended to be the legislative body that is closely tied to public sentiment.  So why is it that over 10% of the House membership consists of people not a single voter in those districts cast a ballot to elect already? In the Senate, that number is nearly a quarter of its members this year.

In one case, voters are about to be represented by their second political appointee in the legislature this year.  When State Senator Tim Grendell refused to take the House […]

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I’ve noticed that some amateurish conservative bloggers are trying to take the past week of Kasich’s economic development news to suggest that John Kasich presents a “New Way, New Day” from Ted Strickland.  The argument is that thanks to JobsOhio and John Kasich’s move to create an environment that creates jobs, Ohio is doing better than it did under Strickland.

Let’s be clear on something.  The news in Toledo with the Chrysler plant and Republic Steel are good news, but there’s no evidence that but for JobsOhio Ohio couldn’t have gotten those jobs.  In fact, both of those sites had […]

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House Bill 136, the school voucher legislation that is garnering Representative Matt Huffman (R) the most attention he has ever received, is not Huffman’s legislation. Ohioans have speculated a lot this year about the true authors of the Republican legislation (see Shannon Jones & Senate Bill 5), but rarely have we been able to identify language that is so clearly written by another organization with little to no creative editing by the legislator.  In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Huffman merely gave the sample legislation to the LSC and instructed them to make sure it says Ohio in it a […]

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Even if you didn’t follow the SB5/Issue 2 debate as intensely as we did here at Plunderbund, just turning on your TV or visiting a website hosting Google ads in the past 3 months would likely have exposed you to Building a Better Ohio’s anti-union message, along with their Ohio-shape-inside-the-O logo.

Today Kasich announced his design for Ohio’s license plate and it has some surprising similarities to the Better Ohio logo, specifically the shape of the state inside the letter O.

To be fair, the plate design, chosen by Kasich but created by students at Columbus […]

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We’ve been so busy pointing out the damaging effects of House Bill 136 that we have neglected to recognize the awards being distributed by School Choice Ohio Inc., a vocal proponent of school vouchers.

On November 2, State Senator Kevin Bacon, received a School Choice Leadership award for being “instrumental in supporting the Scholarship during the state budget process.”

Kevin Bacon may be better known to Ohioans as the chair of the Senate Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee that originally passed Senate Bill 5 via the removal of Senator Bill Seitz.

On November 8, School Choice […]

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The State does not have rights, it just has limited powers.  Those who give their consent to be governed, individuals, have rights under our constitutional republic system of government.  I would think most people understand that fundamental concept.  I would especially expect a criminal law and current chair of the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee to understand that.  I was wrong.

From this weekend’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, we see that Criminal Justice Committee Chair and former Summit County Prosecutor Lynn Slaby is continuing what has been the twenty-year quest of the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association to allow the State […]

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You might recall State Representative Jarrod Martin (R-Beavercreek) from "Ohio GOP legislators gone wild" Summer ‘11 tour.  He was sandwiched between former State Representative Bob Mecklenborg’s DUI arrest and the disorderly conduct call regarding Senator Kris Jordan, which had strong domestic violence overtones.

Martin was originally arrested for DUI with children in his car in Jackson County this summer, then it was revealed that the year prior, Martin was the subject of a Highway Patrol call at the Statehouse where he was found passed out on then House Minority Leader Bill Batchelder’s vehicle.  Then another incident […]

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Up until now Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally has been known for 3 main things:

1. Being Kasich’s second unconstitutional cabinet appointee.

2. Participating in a press conference with Kasich to blame “a lack of commitment and a lack of vision” on the part of EPA employees for a 20 month delay in issuing a power plant permit.

2. Spending over $5,000 in taxpayer money (not including lost work time) to bus every Ohio EPA employee to Columbus so the Governor could berate them about talking to the press. (you may remember this event more for Kasich’s […]

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The Ohio jobs report for October was released this morning.  First, the good news: for the first time since enacting Governor Kasich’s “Jobs Budget” in June, Ohio’s unemployment rate has actually dropped.  The “meh” news is that it only dropped a .1%, keeping pace with the national unemployment which also dropped down to 9.0%. 

That means that since Kasich took office in January, Ohio’s unemployment rate has only dropped .3%.  Over the same period a year ago, Ohio’s unemployment rate had dropped .8% (and had consistently dropped every month since February 2010 until May 2011.)  Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped even though the State […]

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We posted the basics of House Bill 136 and the way it has the very real potential to bankrupt some school districts while decreasing overall state funding for schools. That information we shared was appalling on its own, yet the bill has more secrets that, in our opinion, make the funding scenarios even worse.  The scenario we discussed only applied to students who are currently attending public schools and who might opt to apply for a waiver to attend a private school.  Under that scenario, it may not be likely that the 43,000 students we mentioned […]

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Lest we forget, here’s what our Governor ominously warned Ohioans would happen if Issue 2 passed:

“If we don’t win this, the setback is how does Ohio get labeled in the minds of companies around this country. Is it a slow heavy labor state? Which tends to scare decision makers, CEOs.  It’s just important we win this. I mean if we don’t win, it it’ll be a setback to economic growth.”– Gov. John Kasich to the Canton Repository editorial board on Sept. 9, 2011 (which would later endorse Issue 2.)

So, what did Governor Kasich spend most of […]

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