A few months back, as the SB5/Issue 2 battle was heating up, Treasurer Josh Mandel put up his “transparency” website which allowed people to search for the salaries of public employees in Ohio. The data, obtained from the right-leaning Buckeye Institute, not only excluded the salaries of a number of key advisers to Mandel, but it also highly overstated the salaries of many public employees.

As all this was going on, Mandel was delaying the release his personal financial disclosure forms with the United State Senate for 6 months supposedly to make sure everything was exactly right.

Here’s the thing: if you compare his own salary for 2010 on the website against the salary he listed on his PFDs, they are different.

On Mandel’s Transparency website, his salary for 2010 is listed as: $65,584. But his Senate PFD form lists his 2010 salary as: $63,160.80.



Sure, it’s not a huge difference, approximately the value of one of Mandel’s paychecks for that period. But come on!

This guy is the TREASURER of the State of Ohio. His job is to manage Ohio’s money. His job is to make sure the numbers DO match up.

When the opposing party and the media and the blogs and everyone else in the world is focused in on you for two reasons: your late PFD forms and the errors in your “transparency” website, don’t you think you’d take 30 seconds to at least make sure the numbers match up?

  • Maybe that $2K went to the Dispatch for the use of those copyrighted pics he used on his website at the last minute… ;0)

  • Aw this is just too good. 

  • Dmoore2222

    Numbers, like other facts, don’t reallymatter to republicans. But they will in November. 

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what his Thanksgiving was like. Just imagine sitting around the table with all your wife’s rich relatives who won’t donate to your campaign. Would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall.

  • Anonymous

    All he had to do is look at his W2. But if RW mouthpiece states it as so then he goes with it.

  • hello!!! thank you for such an incredible post! great job! keep it up!

  • Demydo

    Neither wage is correct.  I held an appointed position in southern Ohio under Strickland’s administration and made $82,000. a year.  Treasurer of State surely makes more that an appointed position.  He and all of his R cronies spin everything.  There has to be a public record that gives the salary of The Treasurer of State of Ohio.

  • Demydo

    Chapter 141: SALARIES OF STATE OFFICERS141.01 [First of two versions] Salaries of elective state executive officers – limit on other salaries – exceptions.Except as provided in section 141.011 of the Revised Code, the annual salaries of the elective executive officers of the state are as follows:(A) Governor, one hundred twenty-two thousand eight hundred twelve dollars;(B) Lieutenant governor, sixty-four thousand three hundred seventy-five dollars;(C) Secretary of state, ninety thousand seven hundred twenty-five dollars;(D) Auditor of state, ninety thousand seven hundred twenty-five dollars;(E) Treasurer of state, ninety thousand seven hundred twenty-five dollars;

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