Seriously folks. The guy running the state of Ohio proudly declared today: “I don’t read newspapers in the State of Ohio.” His reason? Because it doesn’t give him “an uplifting experience.”


He claims his disdain for print journalism and his lack of interest in important, current events is not that new, and it’s “just like presidents have done in the past.” The only President I know of that has ever publicly admitted to not reading newspapers was George W. Bush. Enough said.

The fact that Kasich doesn’t read about state or local news certainly does explain a lot about his policies and his general lack of interest and concern for what Ohioans want, need and expect from his administration. When you have absolutely no clue what is going on in the state, and have no idea how Ohioans are reacting to your policies, it’s much easier to believe all those yes-men you’ve surrounded yourself with.

The truth is a bummer. Kasich’s worked hard to get where he is in life. Why should he bother wasting his time with anything that doesn’t provide him with an “uplifting experience”? Why risk getting sad, newspaper story ink all over your freshly-pressed, pleated dockers when you’re surrounded with people who agree with everything you say and lie to you about the awesomeness of all your ideas? e.g. “Yes! I think selling the turnpike will be VERY popular in NE Ohio, sir”

Did I already say Ugh?

I’m guessing the folks over at the Dispatch are feeling pretty stupid right now. Having spent the past year carefully crafting articles, headlines and editorials to impress the new Governor, they now find out he hasn’t read a single one of them.

Here’s the video from Ohio Capital Blog