From the daily archives: Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back in April, when Kasich’s budget was still being analyzed, we posted about the Governor’s proposed criteria for ranking Ohio’s public school districts and how that ranking connected to his proposed school funding numbers.  Our analysis was based on the budget bill (HB153) as it existed at that current time, a listing of five criteria applied to public school districts.  The budget was modified between that time and its final passage, adding a sixth criteria and definitively including all community schools within the final ranking.

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The Ohio House of Representatives is supposed to be the “people’s house.”  Elected every two years, it’s intended to be the legislative body that is closely tied to public sentiment.  So why is it that over 10% of the House membership consists of people not a single voter in those districts cast a ballot to elect already? In the Senate, that number is nearly a quarter of its members this year.

In one case, voters are about to be represented by their second political appointee in the legislature this year.  When State Senator Tim Grendell refused to take the House […]

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I’ve noticed that some amateurish conservative bloggers are trying to take the past week of Kasich’s economic development news to suggest that John Kasich presents a “New Way, New Day” from Ted Strickland.  The argument is that thanks to JobsOhio and John Kasich’s move to create an environment that creates jobs, Ohio is doing better than it did under Strickland.

Let’s be clear on something.  The news in Toledo with the Chrysler plant and Republic Steel are good news, but there’s no evidence that but for JobsOhio Ohio couldn’t have gotten those jobs.  In fact, both of those sites had […]

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