From the daily archives: Monday, November 21, 2011

We’ve been so busy pointing out the damaging effects of House Bill 136 that we have neglected to recognize the awards being distributed by School Choice Ohio Inc., a vocal proponent of school vouchers.

On November 2, State Senator Kevin Bacon, received a School Choice Leadership award for being “instrumental in supporting the Scholarship during the state budget process.”

Kevin Bacon may be better known to Ohioans as the chair of the Senate Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee that originally passed Senate Bill 5 via the removal of Senator Bill Seitz.

On November 8, School Choice […]

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The State does not have rights, it just has limited powers.  Those who give their consent to be governed, individuals, have rights under our constitutional republic system of government.  I would think most people understand that fundamental concept.  I would especially expect a criminal law and current chair of the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee to understand that.  I was wrong.

From this weekend’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, we see that Criminal Justice Committee Chair and former Summit County Prosecutor Lynn Slaby is continuing what has been the twenty-year quest of the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association to allow the State […]

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